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Orders of Magnitude[edit]

I am actively working on Category:Orders of magnitude. Why? Because we should understand these numbers so well that we feel them in our bones, and tremble from the grandeur and intricacy of everything around us.

But the pages as they stand today are worse than carelessly done; I see Disorder of Magnitude. There is much to improve, and before we lie down and dream, we should make the beds a little.

Long-term goals for Category:Orders of magnitude[edit]

My goals for these entries are:


Working on:

  • Orders of magnitude (probability)
    • Add entries for twins, triplets
    • Add entries for Gaussian distribution, n-sigma events: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10?, 25?
    • Add entries for poker?
    • Add entries from combinatorics?
    • Add entries related to physics: Boltzmann distribution? quantum mechanics?
  • Orders of magnitude (force)
    • Add molecule-scale forces from PicoTwist, forces described in PicoTwist page but not in the table (e.g. entropic forces), add weight of E. coli
    • Verify existing citations. Add citations for 8 3 entries.
    • Add many more entries, one for every order of magnitude: 10^-15, 10^-11, 10^-8, 10^-7, 10^-6, 10^-4, 10^-3, 10^-1, 10^9 to 10^19
    • fix table formatting to be consistent, make it use rowspan and remove duplicate row labels
    • Add entries: tensions on ropes and in mechanical systems, animal bite forces: dog, lion?
  • Orders of magnitude (pressure)
    • remove excessive significant figures for psi column and consider retitling that column
    • shorten the entries in the table by removing extra information
    • TODO: add 43 30 22 citations where [citation needed]
    • confirm entry: uranium nucleus pressure: does the supporting citation really say that is the value for pressure?
    • add more entries: pressure at various altitudes, breaking pressure of materials (e.g. bottles), low speed wind (10 Pa), garden hose, car wash spray, low-pressure paint sprayer, regular-pressure paint sprayer?, gun chamber pressures: paintball, air rifle, pistol, shotgun; fuel injection pressures? (including high-pressure rail injection), 10^-4 Pa, 10^-2 Pa, bladder pressures?, sound pressures from Sound_pressure#Examples_of_sound_pressure_and_sound_pressure_levels
    • use {{convert}} for all pressure conversions and base them directly off the source's quoted pressures
  • Orders of magnitude (energy)
    • initial cleanup: remove unnecessary precision, add WP links to key nouns
    • add citations: mass-energy for particles, astronomical objects, Sun energy output, kinetic energy calculations, combustion energies, energy to freeze and vaporize water, ~48 31 25 8 remaining entries marked as [Citation needed]
    • update annual energies to latest available years instead of 2005, verify/remove questionable data that used Book of Lists as source
    • add entries: 10^-18, 10^-17, 10^-16, 10^-15, 10^-6, 10^-5, 10^-4, 10^-3, 10^-2, 10^11, 10^18, 10^25, 10^27, 10^30, 10^35+
    • confirm and add the most enlightening entries from [1] (which unfortunately probably used the old version of OOM:energy as a source!)
    • add entries: kinetic energy equivalents of non-kinetic energies, bond energies, energy to take 1 kg to escape velocity, orbital energy of a standard mass like 1kg or 1g, e.g. how fast should 1 g travel to KE equal to typical 1 g combustion energies, kT or 1/2kT or variants, energy of photons (radio and microwave radio, UV, x-ray, gamma), ~300 J bullet energies
    • add biology energies: biosphere, single-cell, animal, from BioNumbers
    • think of new worthy entries from these categories: chemical, gravitational, electric, electromagnetic, kinetic, mass-energy, Energy#Forms_of_energy
    • shorten the table for better big-picture view?
    • add a pressure for 1 m^3 of natural gas

Begun but not close to done:


Good enough for now:

  • Orders of magnitude (area)
    • Status: satisfactory
    • TODO: add entries for 1e-20, 1e-18, 1e-17, 1e-15, 1e-13 m^2
    • TODO: add entry for 1e7 m^2
    • TODO: verify entries > 1e27 m^2
    • TODO: add citations for: most cities, astronomy-related areas, entries listed as [Citation needed]
    • TODO: add citations for sub-tables, e.g. 1_E0_m²
    • TODO: add 10 citations where [citation needed]
  • Orders of magnitude (voltage)
    • Status: satisfactory
    • Add entries: < μV ? , 1-10 mV, 100-1000 mV
    • Add citations for entries listed as [Citation needed]
    • Find more numbers to demonstrate millivolts, microvolts
    • verify and clean existing references, add: mV and μV nerve cell entries, power transmission numbers, EEG voltages, standard reduction potentials, electric fence, noise floors in audio electronics (-60 to -120dB)