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As a project my History of Chicago class, we have to create pages about anything from Chicago that we want. Being a teenager I know my page will be on something that fits my personality which is outgoing, calm at times and mainly fun.

I want to do artiles on chicago dances: dances that originated in chicago along with some of the hottest chicago dance teams,

Chicago Urban Dances Chicago also known as Chi-Town when it comes to dances, have about four originated dances. One that is the most popular and worldwide dance is known as "Foot-working". Foot-working is a dance when you move your feet and legs in different motions and positions very fast. Foot-working is mainly done to juke music. Another type of foot work dances is called "the 40'S". The 40's dance is when you move your legs in and out to the rythm of the song, kind of like you are riding a horse.The footworking dances are dances you can add your own style to. A third Chicago dance is called "Bob".Bob is a dance orginated on the west side of Chicago,is sort of like the old dance called "popping". When bobbing, you spread your legs, bend ypur knee (like a squat)pop your behind out to the beat of the music. Also when Bobbing you move your hands alternating in and out and add your own style to it. A popular female style in bobbing is adding rolling somewhat like a belly dance roll. These dances are mostly done by teenagers, children ages 5-12 and youths who mimic the older relatives. The 40's was relaeased about almost 3-5 years ago.Footworking and Bobbing are dances you will see when you walk in a teenage party today along with juking.

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