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I'm a social philosopher[1] and strategic consultant by profession. I studied Mathematics (with a good deal of Physics) at Trinity College Cambridge, where John Polkinghorne was one of my Professors. My book on management Constructive Engagement was dedicated to Charles and Liz Handy, and my most recent book Questions of Truth is co-authored with John Polkinghorne. I also collaborate with Martin Nowak and Robert May and David G. Rand. I'm married with 3 children and 4 grand-children. I play the piano, run marathons, and sail.

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Personal Policies[edit]

To save typing I'm wondering about developing some Personal Policies, and posting tags for them, for example:


I have a policy of not responding to personal attacks. If I can be bothered I might post a tag to this effect.


Positive contributions please. It's too easy just to delete stuff we don't like. Worth being constructive.


If you have made 3 negative contributions in a row, could you please make a positive one. Otherwise it might be best to ignore contributions until a positive one is made. Sorry.

Contributions in Wikipedia[edit]

My contributions are mainly in:

* Basically a quick lift of the French Wikipedia article - since Dennis Noble refers to him and anglophone people won't know who he is otherwise

A strange vendetta[edit]

For some bizzaire reason I appear to be the subject of a strange vendetta from SlimVirgin and Rjanag. In addition to creative wikilawyering and manifest untruths[2]to persuade editors to delete articles about me, they have now resorted to changing WP:AUTHOR to retrospectively legitimise their conculsions[3], and nominating articles I created for deletion[4]. What next, I wonder?

I appreciate the palindrome on my talk page....However, I'm intrigued by your avant-garde spelling....I find it quite buzzard.PalindromeKitty (talk) 18:05, 23 September 2010 (UTC)

If this is not a vendetta, could someone find a precedent?[edit]

I have repeatedly asked for another example of the co-author of a notable book which has received mutiple periodical reviews (some from notable reviewers) who has been deleted from Wikipedia. No-one has been able to supply one. It would certainly reassure me on some aspects of this problem if anyone could find such an example. If you can please put it on the talk page.

Responses there...

Wikihounding and Personal Attacks[edit]

I posted this warning on User talk:Rjanag - he just deleted it removed it into his archive: Hi Rjanag. I must ask you to desist from hounding and personal attacks. This has gone much too far. These are core polcies in Wikipedia and as an admin you should know better. Any further incidents and I shall have to make a formal report. NBeale (talk) 07:23, 25 January 2010 (UTC)

Notes & References[edit]

  1. ^ There has been some rather absurd debate about this on Wikipedia. For those who do not wish to take the word of Onora O'Neill or the Faraday Institute the Royal Institute of Philosophy and CUP should surely suffice, see here :-)
  2. ^ see eg latest AfD and Rjanag's "analysis of sources"
  3. ^ see the talk page of WP:AUTHOR esp the "WP:AUTH" section
  4. ^ eg this one strangely nominated by Rjanag a few minutes after a personal attack on me in the WP:AUTHOR talk. Amazing coincidence