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The Great Basin is bounded by:

(extends into Mexico)



  • nice Nevada map
    • Similar thing for the Great Basin "Water Resource Region" or something similar: [4] [5]; [6] appears to have all of Nevada?
Northwest [Nevada] Region (California, Nevada, Oregon)
Black Rock Desert Region (California, Nevada, Oregon)
Humboldt River Basin (Nevada)
West Central [Nevada] Region (Nevada)
Truckee River Basin (California, Nevada)
Western [Nevada] Region (California, Nevada)
Carson River Basin (California, Nevada)
Walker River Basin (California, Nevada)
Central [Nevada] Region (California, Nevada)
Great Salt Lake Basin (Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming)
Escalante Desert Basin (Nevada, Utah)
Death Valley Basin (California, Nevada)

Oregon: Malheur Lake, Harney Lake, Warner Lakes, Summer Lake, Silver Lake, Lake Abert, Alvord Lake, Paulina Marsh, Sycan Marsh, Goose Lake