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Name States Source
Alabama City, Gadsden and Attalla Railway Alabama R (unlabeled)
Anniston Electric and Gas Company Alabama R (unlabeled)
Atlanta Northern Railway Georgia R (unlabeled)
Birmingham Railway, Light and Power Company Alabama R (unlabeled)
Boise Valley Traction Company Idaho R
Caldwell Traction Company Idaho R
Central California Traction Company California R
Chattanooga Railway and Light Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Columbus Electric Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Cowlitz, Chehalis and Cascade Railway Washington R
Douglas Traction and Light Company Arizona R (unlabeled)
Fairburn and Atlanta Railway and Electric Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Fresno Interurban Railway California R
Georgia Railway and Power Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Glendale and Montrose Railway California R
Grays Harbor Railway and Light Company Washington R (unlabeled)
Key System California R (unlabeled)
Lewiston–Clarkston Transit Company Idaho, Washington R (unlabeled)
Mobile Light and Railroad Company Alabama R (unlabeled)
North Alabama Traction Company Alabama R (unlabeled)
North Coast Power Company Washington R
Oakland, Antioch and Eastern Railway California R
Pacific Coast Railway California R (unlabeled)
Pacific Electric Railway California R
Pacific Traction Company Washington R
Pacific Northwest Traction Company Washington R
Peninsular Railway California R
Pensacola Electric Company Florida R (unlabeled)
Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad California R
Phoenix Railway Arizona R (unlabeled)
Puget Sound Electric Railway Washington R
Rome Railway and Light Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Sacramento Northern Railway California R
St. Petersburg and Gulf Railway Florida R (unlabeled)
San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway California R
Savannah Electric Company Georgia R (unlabeled)
Seattle and Rainier Valley Railway Washington R
Sheffield Company Alabama R (unlabeled)
Spokane and Inland Empire Railroad Idaho, Washington R
Tacoma Railway and Power Company Washington R
Tampa Electric Company Florida R (unlabeled)
Tidewater Southern Railway California R
United Railroad of San Francisco California R
Utah–Idaho Central Railroad Idaho, Utah R
Valdosta Street Railway Georgia R (unlabeled)
Ventura County Railway (?) California R
Visalia Electric Railroad California R
Walla Walla Valley Railway Washington R
Warren–Bisbee Railway Arizona R (unlabeled)
Washington Water Power Company Washington R
Willapa Electric Company Washington R (unlabeled)
Yakima Valley Transportation Company Washington R

(Arkansas) (Colorado) (Connecticut) (Delaware)