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"X" reporting marks were used by 1912 (only listed below through C) and others by 1917.

An asterisk below indicates that the letters are given in the index but are not clearly stated to be reporting marks.

company 1917
Arizona Eastern Railroad AE
Arkansas Central Railroad AKC*
Alton and Southern Railroad AL&S
Alcolu Railroad ALU
Alabama and Mississippi Railroad A&M
Apalachicola Northern Railroad AN*
Anthony and Northern Railway AN&N
Abilene and Southern Railway A&S
Augusta Southern Railroad AUS*
Alexandria and Western Railway A&W*
Arizona Southern Railroad AZS
Boston and Albany Railroad (New York Central Railroad, lessee) B&A
Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway BA&P
Bangor and Aroostook Railroad BAR
Bloomsburg and Sullivan Railroad BBS
Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway BCA
Buffalo Creek Railroad BCK
Bennettsville and Cheraw Railroad B&CW
Bellefonte Central Railroad BFC
Bingham and Garfield Railway B&G
Butler County Railroad BLC*
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad B&LE
Blue Ridge Railway BLR*
Boston and Maine Railroad B&M
Bay of Quinte Railway BQ
Belt Railway of Chicago BRC
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway BR&P
Brockville, Westport and Northwestern Railway BW&N
Chicago and Alton Railroad C&A
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad CB&Q
South Plains and Santa Fe Railway (Crosbyton–Southplains Railroad) CBS
Coal and Coke Railway C&C
Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad CCCS
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad C&EI
Central of Georgia Railway CG
Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth Railroad CG&P
Canadian Government Railways CGR
Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway CI&L
Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway C&IM
Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western Railroad CIWN
Cornwall and Lebanon Railroad C&L
Colorado Midland Railway CM
Chicago, Milwaukee and Gary Railway CM&G
Canadian Northern Railway CN
Central New England Railway CNE
Central Railroad of New Jersey CNJ
Canadian Northern Ontario Railway CNO
Canadian Northern Quebec Railway CNQ
Central Railway of Arkansas COA*
Central Ontario Railway COT
Canadian Pacific Railway CP
Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad C&PA
Copper Range Railroad CR
Chicago River and Indiana Railroad CRI*
Colorado and Southern Railway C&S
Canton Railroad CTN
Charleston and Western Carolina Railway C&WC*
Chatham, Wallaceburg and Lake Erie Railroad CW&E*
Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad C&WI
Cornwall Railroad CWL
Dominion Atlantic Railway DA
Delray Connecting Railroad DC
Denver and Inter-Mountain Railroad D&IM*
Duluth and Iron Range Railroad D&IR
Denver, Laramie and Northwestern Railroad DL&N
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad DL&W
Detroit and Mackinac Railway D&M
Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad D&MM
Des Moines Union Railway DMU*
Delaware and Northern Railroad D&N
Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern Railway DRI*
Delaware River and Union Railroad DR&U
Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway DS&A
Denver and Salt Lake Railroad D&SL
Donora Southern Railroad DSO
Detroit Terminal Railroad DT
Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad DT&I*
Detroit and Toledo Shore Line Railroad D&TS
Danville and Western Railway D&W*
Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway DW&P*
Gulf, Florida and Alabama Railway (Deep Water Route) DWR
Eastern Kentucky Railway EK*
Erie and Michigan Railway and Navigation Company E&M*
Fort Smith and Western Railroad FS&W
Fort Worth and Danver City Railway FW&D
Green Bay and Western Railroad GB&W
Georgia and Florida Railway G&F*
Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway GF&A
Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad GH&H
Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway GHSA
Groveton, Lufkin and Northern Railway GL&N*
Gulf and Ship Island Railroad G&SI
Grafton and Upton Railroad G&U
Galveston Wharf Company GWF
Houston and Brazos Valley Railway H&BY*
Houston East and West Texas Railway (Houston and Shreveport Railroad) HEWT
Holton Inter-Urban Railway HI*
Halifax and Southwestern Railway H&SW
Houston and Texas Central Railroad H&TC*
Hocking Valley Railway HV
Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway IB&O
Illinois Central Railroad IC
International and Great Northern Railway I&GN
Interstate Railroad INT
Canadian Government Railways (Intercolonial Railway of Canada) IRC
Ironton Railroad IRN*
Inter-Urban Railway ITU
Iberia and Vermilion Railroad I&V
Keweenaw Central Railroad KC*
Kentwood and Eastern Railway K&E
Kalamazoo, Lake Shore and Chicago Railway KLS*
Kanawha and Michigan Railway K&M
Kettle Valley Railway KV
Kansas City, Kaw Valley and Western Railway KV&W
Kanawha and West Virginia Railroad K&WV
Louisiana and Arkansas Railway L&A*
Lorain, Ashland and Southern Railroad LA&S
Lancaster and Chester Railway L&C
Lake Charles and Northern Railroad LC&N
Lake Erie, Franklin and Clarion Railroad LEF*
Ligonier Valley Railroad LGV
Louisville, Henderson and St. Louis Railway LH&S
Lotbiniere and Megantic Railroad L&MG*
Lehigh and New England Railroad LNE
Lake Terminal Railroad LT
Lehigh Valley Railroad LV
Louisiana Western Railroad LW
Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railroad L&WV*
Maxton, Alma and Southbound Railroad MA&S
Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad MD&S
Maryland, Delaware and Virginia Railway MDV
Marshall and East Texas Railway M&ET*
Monongahela Railway MGA
Hill City Railway (Mississippi, Hill City and Western Railway) MH&W
Manufacturers' Junction Railway MJ
Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad M&K
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway MK&T
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway of Texas MKTT
Mineral Range Railroad MLR*
Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad ML&T
Meridian and Memphis Railway M&M*
Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad M&NA*
Manistee and Northeastern Railroad M&NE
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad M&PA
McCloud River Railroad MR
Manufacturers' Railway MRS
Minneapolis and Rainy River Railway M&RR*
Missouri Southern Railroad MS
Mississippi Central Railroad MSC
Morristown and Erie Railroad MT&E
Middletown and Unionville Railroad M&U*
Monongahela Valley Traction Company MVT
Montpelier and Wells River Railroad M&WR
Montana, Wyoming and Southern Railroad MW&S
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad NH
New River, Holston and Western Railroad NH&W
New Iberia and Northern Railroad NI&N
New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad NKP
New Orleans Great Northern Railroad NOGN
New Orleans Terminal Company NOT
Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad N&PB
Norfolk Southern Railroad NS
Newburgh and South Shore Railway N&SS
Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway NS&T
New York Central Railroad NYC
Ohio Electric Railway OE
Oklahoma, New Mexico and Pacific Railway ON&P
New York, Ontario and Western Railway O&W
Pacific Great Eastern Railway PGE
Pacific and Idaho Northern Railway P&IN
Paris and Mount Pleasant Railroad P&MP
Peoria and Pekin Union Railway P&PU
Philadelphia and Reading Railway P&R
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway P&WV
Portland Railway Light and Power Company PR&P
Quebec Central Railway QC
Quebec Railway Light and Power Company QL&P
Quebec and Lake St. John Railway Q&LS
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad (Washington Southern Railway) RF&P
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway RI
Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railway RIG
Rome and Northern Railroad R&N*
River Terminal Railway RT
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway SAAP*
Spokane and British Columbia Railway S&BC*
South Brooklyn Railway SBK
St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railway SB&M*
Sullivan County Railroad SC
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway SIR
St. Jopseh Valley Railway SJV*
St. Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal Railway SLMB*
St. Louis and O'Fallon Railway SLOF
Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad (Salt Lake Route) SLR
Savannah and Northwestern Railway S&NW*
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway SOO
St. Paul Bridge and Terminal Railway SPB
Southern Pacific Railroad of Mexico SPM
Cotton Belt Route (St. Louis Southwestern Railway) SSW
Tennessee Central Railroad TC
Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway TEM
Tallulah Falls Railway TF*
Tremont and Gulf Railway T&G*
Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway TH&B
Temiscouata Railway TMC
Texas and New Orleans Railroad T&NO
Texas and Pacific Railway T&P
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway TP&W
Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis TRRA*
Toledo Terminal Railroad TT
Toledo and Western Railroad T&W*
Virginian Railway VGN
Virginia and Truckee Railway V&T
Vermont Valley Railroad VV
Webbers Falls Railroad WBF*
Wiggins Ferry Company WF*
Wichita Falls and Northwestern Railway WF&N*
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway W&LE
Western Maryland Railway WM
Wisconsin and Northern Railroad W&N*
Williamsport and North Branch Railroad W&NB*
Winfield Railroad WNF
Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway (Wabash–Pittsburgh Terminal Railway) WPT
West Side Belt Railroad WSB
Winston-Salem Southbound Railway WSS
Walla Walla Valley Railway WWV*
Watauga and Yadkin River Railroad W&YR*
company 1912 1917
Anglo-American Tar Products Company AATX
American Cotton Oil Company ACOX
Arms Palace Horse Car Company APHX
American Tank Line ATX
American Zinc Company of Illinois AZX
Barber Asphalt Paving Company of Philadelphia, Pa BAX
Barber Asphalt Paving Company of Madison, Ill BAMX
British American Oil Company BAOX
Barber Asphalt Paving Company of Maurer, NJ BAPX
Barrett Manufacturing Company BMX
Baltimore Manufacturing Company BMVX
Beech-Nut Packing Company BNPX
Brooks-Scanlon Company BSCX
Commercial Acid Company CACX
Canfield Tank Line CANX
Car Association Refrigerator Line CARX
Columbia Chemical Company CCX
Crystal Car Line CCLX
Cudahy Refining Company CDRX
Cadillac Turpentine Company CDTX
Chilhowee Extract Company CEX
Charleston Refinery Company CHRX
Central Commercial Company CNCX
Caddo Oil Refinery CORX
Crystal Oil Works COWX
Contact Process Company CPRX
Continental Refining Company CRCX
Crescent Tank Line CTX
Chelsea Refining Company CTSX
Doud Stock Car Company DSX
Gulf Refining Company GRCX
James B. Berry's Sons Company JBBX
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company (Panther Creek Railroad) LCNX
Merchants Despatch Transportation Company MDTX
Pennsylvania Tank Line (Pennsylvania Tank Car Company) PTX
St. Louis Refrigerator Car Company SLRX
Standard Oil Company (Indiana) SOIX
Solvay Process Company SPX
Texas Company TCX
Union Tank Line Company UTX, UTLX
Venice Transportation Company VTX