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Formerly: Nobody Ent

I'd have said Jimbo Wales is a crazy dreamer and the seminal idea behind Wikipedia -- that a bunch of unpaid amateurs can successfully build an Encyclopedia -- is ludicrous. That said, I'm an empiricist, so I've gotta say he was right and I was wrong. Editors who fret about the imperfection and dysfunction of Wikipedia are missing the essential miracle of its existence.


Much angst and conflict on Wikipedia is caused by editors being hasty. I like to think, muse and ponder things before reacting, much like the Ents of Tolkien's mythology. Additionally Ent-like, I go quiet from time to time and am fairly thick-skinned. I have serendipitously settled in at the new WQA because I think it's a good match for an Ent.

About me[edit]

Assume good faith.
Achieve consensus.
Remain civil.

Civility essay
Notes on civility
Simple civility principle
My Cabal
User:Alt Content

NE Ent may be a lot of things, but an apologist for admin is not one of them.[1]
— User:Dennis Brown

Who am I?[edit]

Why do you want to know?
I prefer to be known by the quality of my contributions.