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This is a bot currently in development by User:nn123645. It has been approved for a trial of 50 edits which has not yet been carried out.

If it is approved it will patrol new pages and tag article that meet certian criteria with the stub template.

Planned ways to stop this bot (Code for these have not yet been implemented)[edit]

  • Use its web interface to stop the bot directly.
  • Change "false" to "true" on this page.
(Note: The bot must be manually restarted by its operator after stopping. It will not restart if you change it back to false again.)
  • Place a message on the bot's talk page.
  • Sending a Stop command over IRC (this probably won't be implimented for awhile)
  • Block the bot (Right now this is the only way to stop the bot, before I run the trial I will incorporate some of the above methods)