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Greetings and salutations, all!!! I, Nick, welcome you mere mortals to my USERPAGE... OF DOOM!!!! (MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Cough.)

Sorry about that. NP Chilla (real first name: Nick) was born (at an early age) a long time ago, so long ago he can't even remember it; but eyewitnesses to the calamatous event claim he was born in April, 1988. Suddenly, with food and water, he grew up; and is now a 5'10" giant. He has never referred to himself in the third person before, and has no plans to start now.

He, as a lifelong Whovian, avid Nintendoid/Pokémaniac and Buffy-lover (no, not in that way!!!), has created/co-created/highly altered/ruined irrevocably several Wikipedia pages. Some of the list include: Compassion (Doctor Who), Sweet (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Miranda (Doctor Who), Wii, Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor, The Gallifrey Chronicles, The Eight Doctors, Der Kindestod, Nintendo GameCube, Sonic screwdriver, the additions of German and French names to individual Pokémon pages, Destiny of the Doctors, almost the entirety of the List of Pokémon name origins...

This is a cow.

But enough about me - tell me about you! I loooove getting new messages!!! So please do not delay: if you like my work or want to criticise it (don't be afraid of stopping me if I'm going wrong - I'm still quite new at this), please leave a message. Hope to hear from you soon!!

- N

PS: In case you're wondering where the ridiculous moniker of "NP Chilla" came from, when I was 14 I did a rap for a school charity event and had a large "NP" on my medalion (which was lovingly made from Quality Street wrappers by my brother and mum). Jokily I told the audience I was "NP Chilla", and the name sorta got stuck. A stupid story, I know, but there are probably some worse ones out there (not many, but surely some!)

PPS: An octopus as three hearts. Yet can it love? Each human has but one heart. Yet we can love!!! (I have no idea why I'm writing this. Oh well.)