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Thierry Nabeth[edit]

Thierry Nabeth is a senior research fellow at the INSEAD CALT (Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies).

Thierry has been the coordinator of the AtGentive Project, a STReP project aiming at investigating the support of Attention (short and long term), in a collaborative context.

Thierry is also one of the participant to the NoE (Network of Excellence) FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society)


More about FIDIS in Wikipedia[edit]

Other Contributions in Wikipedia[edit]

Using templates to add references to articles[edit]

I have been added a certain number of reference using the templates: Template:citation and Template:Harv. I have done this for two reasons, knowing that it often take more time to do it.

  • To have something that is very consistant and that display all right
  • To investigate, and to become familiar with, some of the ideas behind the semantic web. Not the part related to RDF (I remain septical about this technologies, and I believe -my opinion- that the semantic web can live without it, and that other technologies will emerge). But the part related to the explicit representation of objects, and the possibility to exploit this in the future by automated tools (such as intelligent agents).

Interests (related to Wikipedia)[edit]

I am interested by motivation to participate (online participation), in particular in relation to social cognition. I am also very much interested on the subject of cognitive bias.

incl This user is an inclusionist.

I believe (and some studies have show that the best article in Wikipedia are the one that have the largest number of editors and of edit) in incremental improvement, and leaving some space to concept to incubate. My 'opinion' is that over-censuring can contribute to freeze the encyclopedia (knowledge is a living thing].

Note: I do not usually like to display my opinions, and prefer a neutral attitude over things.

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