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Disclaimer: My writings should not be viewed as a completely accurate depiction of my views, rather they should be viewed as an effort to achieve a more accurate portrayal of topics near and dear to me.

Although Wikipedia attempts to be a perfectly neutral medium, it falls short of that goal. One of the problems crops up when a biased author writes an article which contains valid information mixed with invalid information. As Wikipedia frowns on the deletion of such articles, the only solution is to modify the article gradually until it can be said to contain something approaching neutral information.

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I am easily distracted, so my train of thought tends to get derailed by another interest, but sooner or later I'll get round to completing everything I've started!

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Nahallac Silverwinds

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Nahallac Silverwinds, also known by the abbreviation Naha on the Internet, is an American contributor to Wikipedia. Nahallac Silverwinds was first used in 2002 as my EverQuest persona. Since that time I have used it in a myriad of places throughout the Internet as my pseudonym.

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Some day I will get to all this, maybe.




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  • Alter Destiny - My EverQuest Guild, Nahallac Silverwinds, Guild Leader
  • Old World Dragons - (OWD) An Alliance formed on Tunare (EQ Server) in or before 2001, which kills Nagafen & Vox on a weekly basis for characters level 42 to 52. I've been leading Naggy/Vox raids since 2003 on Tunare for OWD.

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