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Russian born, living in Bulgaria. Other languages: Engish (fluent), Chinese (basic), German (basic).

Hobbies: Tennis, yoga, reading books, computers, mobile devices.

Work: Tech Support/QA/Programmer.

Gaming interests: Windows/DOS/Palm OS/Android/iPhoneOS.

Mobile devices/PDAs/phones/MP3/MP4 players:

  • Palm IIIxe (7.7 MB RAM, upgraded to OS 4.1, monochrome low-res screen, no expansion slot, graffiti area, serial HotSync)
  • Sony Clie T615C (15 MB RAM, OS 4.1, hi-color hi-res screen, Memory Stick slot with 128 MB SanDisk card, graffiti area, jog dial, Enhanced Sony Infrared (up to 5-6 meters), USB 1.0 HotSync)
  • Treo 650 GSM version (22.2 MB Flash RAM, ARM CPU, OS 5.4.8, hi-color hi-res screen, SD card slot with 1 GB Kingston card, no graffiti area, GSM phone, removeable battery, USB 1.0 HotSync, BlueTooth)
  • iPod Touch 1st Gen 8 GB (7.1 GB Flash RAM, Firmware 2.2.1, hi-color big screen, no expansion slot, USB 2.0 Sync, WiFi)
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen 8 GB
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500 (WiFi only)

Personal web site: [1]] Other sites: Vikis01 SplashData