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About me

Hello. Welcome to my Wikipedia user page. There isn't much about me to type since I just started an account here in Wikipedia. I was born on December 18, 1988, in Homestead, Florida and still live there. I'm a first generation Honduran American and also first in my both side of my family to born outside of Central America. Though, I'm a Hispanic, I don't look or feel Hispanic since of my appearance is very "odd" in the community of Miami-Dade County, which according to others. I guaduated high school in 2007 from South Dade Senior High School and currently attending college at Miami-Dade College where I'm getting my Associate in Arts in Criminal Justice. Hoping to became a detective like those characters from Law & Order.

Overall, I'm a typical slacker but I'm just a simple guy who has various interests and has a little bit of knowledge on every subjects. I got some hobbies and some interests that I come-up-across. Right now I'm kinda lazy to type more information so I got the userboxes to you to know me better.

One of my strong interests is sports, like any other man out there. I'm "one of the guys". I'm mostly a Miami sports team fan minus Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins, though I'm know some of the players of those two teams. I'm a devouted Miami Dolphins fan and hope one day, of all my years as a long-suffering Dolphins fan, witness the Miami Dolphins win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. I'm also a big fan of Miami Hurricanes football team and want to end the UM championship drought. The Miami Heat is other team that I follow. Been a long-time Heat fan since Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning were teammates. I was so happy when the Miami Heat won the 2006 NBA Finals. Go Fins! Go U! Go Heat!

I got two other teams that are not from Miami area that I cheer for - the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Lakers.

I'm also a dedicated fan of C.D. Motagua, a soccer team from Honduras. This team is the first team that introduced me into sports.

Another interest of mine is reading comics and animation. I love reading comics and manga. I'm a big fan of Batman comics. Manga are absolutly the best to read in a boring day. I love animation, any kind of animation. I think Tex Avery's are the best in the comedy scene. I got to admit - I have a love for anime(Japanese animation) that I'm a closet otaku.

U.S. that I lived/visited

Countries that I have been through

Sport Venues that I have been through

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I'm new so hopwfully I'll get an award.