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About Me I lived in Spokane of Washington (USA). I'm a fan of anime and manga; technically an otaku, and enjoy outside activities with ipod music; also interested in Japanese culture. I happen to be a very organize person to correct things so that viewers or readers can understand the contents well enough. I've work on Wikipedia for quite some time and finally decided to join in May 2013 since it's always keeping me occupied. I love reading the summaries or profiles. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message. And don't forget in some articles, there can be no right answer regarding a person's understanding, thank you.

What's important is not losing sight of your path.

My Work Here on Wikipedia. I edit articles that have to do with anime or visual novels: such as Kyoto Animation, SynergySP, Funimation, Shounen, or game series. Being responsible of adjusting or improving information regarding to list of characters/episodes profiles is what I do. I fix any mistakes, fragments, removing excessive details or contents that are unnecessary, replacing the sentences in the correct contents, which I find with the help of Microsoft Word or viewing the digital scenarios, to make free space. There are definitely some editors that I do not approve because I believe they just want to change the articles in their own favor or don't want to be proven wrong. My hobby is to improve the Wikipedia international website information.

The more you work, the more you enjoy life… supposedly.