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ja この利用者は日本語母語としています。
en-4 This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
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Ehime Prefecture
Hi. I'm half Japanese and American. I live in Florida now. I was born in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Flag of Japan.svg


Flag of Japan.svg This user lives in Japan.
Seal of Virginia.svg
Flag of Florida.svg
Noia 64 apps xclock.png This user's time zone is GMT-5.
♂ This user is male.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Virgo.svg This user is a Virgo.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user is from Earth.
Color icon blue.svg This user's favorite colour is blue.
Chocolate02.jpg This user eats chocolate.
Nuvola apps cookie.svg This user was born on September 3.

Geek Moments[edit]

Mac This user contributes using a Macintosh computer.
C++ This user can program in C++.
<html> This user can write HTML.
sfri This user contributes using Safari.
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys chess.
Bluelighs black.png This user is interested in The Jedi Order.
My ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.
User:UBX/Star Wars WikiProject
gk This user is a geek.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.


The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user loves using Google Earth.
Blue ribbon.svg This user is a member of Wikipedians against censorship.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Screwit.svg This user reserves the right to completely screw up their own edits.
Cannabis prohibited sign This user is drug-free.
Metric seal.svg This user prefers the metric system.
Recycle001.svg This user supports recycling.
Flag of Scotland.svg This user supports the independence of Scotland.
Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg This user supports the independence of Taiwan and a Republic of Taiwan.
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user supports the United Nations.
French fries juliane kr r.svg This user eats at McDonald's
Tacobellsunnyvale.jpg This user eats at Taco Bell.

Music, Movie, & TV[edit]

fan-3 This user loves Barenaked Ladies.
fan-3 This user loves Nickelback.
STAR WARS This user is a Star Wars fan.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
FR for Futurama Userbox.svg Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
South Park sign logo.png This user demands you
Respect my authoritah!