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 Status ACTIVE
 Residence Toronto Flag.svg Toronto
 Nationality Flag of Canada.svg Canada
 Ethnicity Chinese Unity Flag - Proposal by UserNat.tang.png Han Chinese
 Education Natuofticon.png University of Toronto
 Political party Natopcicon.png Ontario PC Party
April 25 2017 14:22 NAET (toronto)
April 25 2017 18:22 UTC (wikipedia)
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About Nat
Hi, my name is Nat. I currently live in North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My family originated from Xinhui/Sàn Wúi (新會) and Kaiping/Hoi Ping (開平), in the region of Sì Yì/Sze Yup (四邑) of Guangdong/Kwangtung/Canton Province, China, but has a long history of family members who were overseas Chinese.

I am currently a postgraduate international relations student at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. I was previously an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying History and Religion, and specialized in Polish history and East-Central European history.

When I contribute to Wikipedia as adhering to WP:NPOV is one of the key policies that I follow. So if there is verifiable information about my political party, other parties I support, or politicians I support, from reliable sources, I will not remove the information (if someone else added it) or (if no one else has added the information yet) I will add it myself. This means that if that if there is positive information, I will add it, and if there is negative information, I will add it, but only if the information is verifiable and comes from reliable sources. (if you do wish to see what my political views are, you can visit my blog at I speak French and English fluently, a bit of Polish, very little German, and at my own pace, and at leisure, I am attempting to learn Romanian. So far, the only Romanian phrases I've learned are "Salut!", "Ce (mai) faci?", "Sunt bine", "Scuze pentru confusie", "Da, e mai bine asa.", and "multumesc", although there are other words that I have knowledge of, I can't seem to figure how to put the words together to make a sentence...

I am User:Nat on meta, commons, French Wikipedia, Romanian Wikipedia and WikiMusician, and currently User:Nat.tang on Memory Alpha.

Anyways, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns (please, nothing insulting or pushy), please leave them on my talk page...Thx :D


A sign at a public parking lot in Montreal's Chinatown

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