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Reuseit is a lifestyle brand that sells products catered toward eco-friendly and sustainable living.

Reuseit is best known for its online catalog of reusable alternatives to common disposable items such as plastic shopping bags, bottled water, single-serve disposable food containers, paper lunch bags and paper towels.

As a member of 1% for the Planet[1], Reuseit donates 1% of all sales to non-profit organizations focused on sustainability issues.


Reuseit was founded under its original name, ReusableBags, in 2003 by Vincent Cobb. Alarmed by the number of disposable plastic bags being consumed world-wide, Cobb created the company's first proprietary product, The Original Workhorse that same year.[2]

In 2010 ReusableBags was re-branded as Reuseit in order to embody "a broader definition of a reusable lifestyle beyond bags."[3]

About the Company[edit]

In addition to a catalog of over 1,800 household and lifestyle products, Reuseit also publishes fact sheets about the environmental cost of common disposable items, and "myth-busting" articles about topics ranging from plastic bag bans to the sustainability of synthetic materials. Reuseit's facts have been cited in several notable publications and broadcasts, including:

* Cited as a source for plastic bag facts in An Inconvenient Truth (pg. 316)
* ReusableBags cited as a resource to "Go Green, Save Money" on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Earth Day 2009[4]


* Wins Co-op America's People's Choice Award For 2007 Green Business of the Year[5]
* wins Longtime Leadership Award[6]


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