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About Me[edit]

Natalie Anne Brocklesby, I live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and I study a BA in Design for Digital Media at the University of Hull Scarborough Campus. I am in my last year of university aiming for a 2:1 or a first, my main interests are photography, video editing, animation and print design. I have a creative eye in design and I have proven skills in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Maya. I consider myself to have a unique style throughout my work, which gives an audience a story about myself its shows the reason why I design the way I do. Alongside my degree I am enthusiastic to learn more skills and experience through volunteering. I would like my interests/skills to help me further my knowledge and build up my skills in my modules that involve wikipedia which are Interaction Experience and Engagement and Psychology of internet behavior. Interaction Experience and Engagement is taught by Toni Sant who has taught me the basics about Wikipedia and advice on where to go when I need help, for example directing me to the Teahouse, Wikipedia help desk and the five pillars. Art form called Machinima, before I start creating my own Machinima video, I will need to learn and research about the subject first. I am going to look through primary and secondary sources in my research to further my knowledge. Psychology of internet behaviour is a module, that goes in depth about communication theories online and offline.

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Pages I've previously edited[edit]

The Wikipedia page I am going to try and edit is called Portal:Computer graphics with a fellow student Tasha Bluck. Currently this wikipedia page/portal has no information about Machinima. I highly think that machinima will be the next important type of computer graphics, and I am going to back this up in my research. I am going to add a new selected article to the portal about machinima and how it is an important type of computer graphics. I would like this assignment to give me a greater understanding and background knowledge of Machinima and help me to create my own machinima video in the next assignment.

Page I am currently working on[edit]

Currently I am studying a module called psychology of internet behaviour, this includes learning about communication theories. This is the course page for our module and it will tell you all the details about the assigment. The module is taught by Darren Stephens and Toni Sant. I have chosen to work on the page Expectancy violations theory because I think the page is very text heavy and that diagrams could be used explain this theory, more specifically the proxemic zones and examples of the types of contact. I am working in a group with Irina, Alicia, Tom and Danielle, we are all editing separate sections of the page, which we have divided up in our first meeting. The sections I am focusing on are, Related theories to Expectancy violations theory, Further use and development of the theory and Proxemics and kinesics of Expectancy violations theory. I am going to explain how Expectancy violations theory relates to Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory. On the theory talk page a wikipedian gave me advice to upload my image to the Wikimedia Commons and also to understand how to upload new diagrams to the Expectancy violations theory page, before uploading the diagram the wikipedian recommended that if I had any issues with the diagram to ask Wikipedia:Media copyright questions to get advice and feedback about copyright and whether the diagram is a suitable image for the page. Also I asked the teahouse whether I could upload a diagram in my sandbox and now I understand that the only way I can get feedback on an image before uploading them to a page is by using a link to the image or putting them on your user page. So I took the teahouses advice and tested out the image on my user page first before directing editing on the page. By talking to other wikipedians I have got more of an understanding about uploading images to wikipedia.

See Natalie Brocklesby's sandbox to look at my current edits for Expectancy violations theory page, any feedback on my talk page or on the Expectancy violations theory talks page would be appreciated.