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I think it's helpful to offer some background on myself in order to provide context for my edits, establish authority on certain topics, and acknowledge potential biases.


I've lived in Ohio most of my life, in Canton and then Cincinnati. I currently live in Toronto, Canada.



I'm currently finishing up a PhD in urban planning at the University of Toronto, with a focus on GIS and quantitative methods in transport geography. Most of my work deals with non-automotive forms of transport such as bicycles[1] and public transit[2][3]. I've also published in cartography[4] and worked professionally in that area.

I have a master's degree in geography (quantitative, human geography) from the University of Cincinnati, and my bachelor's is in urban planning, from the same university but a more design-oriented college (DAAP). During my undergrad I worked briefly at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics at the USDOT in DC.

Informal and Hobbies[edit]

I've been sewing for about a decade now, and contribute sometimes to pages on sewing and pattern-making.

Other Projects[edit]

I contribute regularly to OpenStreetMap under the same username.

My partner works in medical illustration / taxidermy / anatomy, and I sometimes upload some of his work to Wikimedia Commons.


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