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Wigeric of Lotharingia, died before 923, had 5 sons;

1. Frederick I, Duke of Upper Lorraine, c. 942–978, had 3 sons;
A. Henry, died between 972 and 978, had no known issue
B. Adalberon II, bishop of Berdun and Metz, 958-1005, died without issue
C. Theodoric I, Duke of Upper Lorraine, 965-1027, had 1 son;
I. Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine, 995-1026, had 1 son;
a. Frederick III, Duke of Upper Lorraine, 1020-1033, died young
2. Adalberon I, Bishop of Metz, d. 962, died without issue
3. Gilbert, count in the Ardennes, d. 964, had no known issue
4. Gozlin, count of Bidgau, d. 942, had 2 sons;
A. Godfrey I, Count of Verdun, d. 1002, had 6 sons;
I. Frederick, Count of Verdun, d. 1022, had no known issue
II. Godfey II, Count of Verdun, 965-1023, died without issue
III. Adalberon, bishop of Verdun, d. 988, had no known issue
IV. Herman of Ename, d. 1024, died without male issue
V. Gothelo I, Duke of Lorraine, 967-1044, had 3 sons;
a. Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine, 997-1069, had 1 son;
i. Godfrey IV, Duke of Lower Lorraine, d. 1076, died without male issue
b. Gothelo II of Lower Lorraine, 1008-1046, had no known issue
c. Pope Stephen IX, 1020-1058, died without issue
VI. ?Bertram I de Verdun, d. 1100, had 1 son;
a. Bertram II de Verdun, d. 1120, had 1 son;
i. Norman de Verdun, d. 1153, had 1 son;
1. Bertram III de Verdun, d. 1192, had 1 son;
A. Nicholas de Verdun, d. 1231, ancestor of de Verdun family in England
B. Adalberon, Archbishop of Reims, d. 989, had no known issue
5. Siegfried of Luxembourg, 922-998, had 2 sons;
A. Henry V, Duke of Bavaria, d. 1026, died without issue
B. Frederick of Luxembourg, 965-1019, had 3 sons;
I. Henry VII, Duke of Bavaria, d. 1046, died without issue
II. Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine, 1003-1065, died without male issue
III. Giselbert of Luxembourg, 1007-1059, had 2 sons;
a. Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg, 1040-1086, had 2 sons;
i. Henry III, Count of Luxembourg, d. 1096, died without issue
ii. William I, Count of Luxembourg, 1081-1131, had 1 son;
1. Conrad II, Count of Luxembourg, died without male issue
b. Hermann of Salm, 1035-1088, founder of the House of Salm