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Hello, I'm user Natt the Hatt. I started out doing just minor edits for spelling and grammar. I also try to make articles flow better in some cases. My main interests are music, movies, and history, so that is where you'll most often see me. I am particularly interested in music groups in and around the Kansas City area. I try to be constructive and helpful, but if I make a mistake, please let me know so I don't look like an idiot.

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Current projects I'm working on[edit]

I do a lot minor clean up. Also, my personal goal is to put cover art on all album articles.

I'm also working with others attempting to get the Post-hardcore Project up and running.

Any random assortment of goodness.

Articles I've written/re-written[edit]

Live in Ancient Kourion

Anything But Joey


Hit by Hit

More Songs About Love and Hate

IV: Empires Collapse

Articles I've contributed to[edit]

The Get Up Kids

Blackpool Lights


Broken Bride

You're Awful, I Love You