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Wikipedia's rejection of my Jibboo article on September 29, 2005 led me to the discovery of Uncyclopedia leading to my transformation to a full-time Uncyclopedian. I still maintain that my definition of Jibboo, which can be found at Uncyclopedia [1] is the correct one, since I e-mailed Phish about it and they didn't deny it! Nonetheless, since then I have found that there are a few topics at Wikipedia that are nonsensical enough that I can make a meaningful contribution to them: [2]

Article I've Started: Silent Woman

Other Articles I've made somewhat significant contributions to:

To see the bulk of my Wikimedia contributions click "Naughtyned" below:

Uncyclopedia logo notext.svg For those obsessed with humor and parody, Naughtyned also has a user page on Uncyclopedia.
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