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WP:DYK Nominations that were selected and published from articles created/significantly expanded by me

Did you know...

  1. ...that Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate, a Kannada poem, was declared the official anthem of the Indian state of Karnataka in 2004? -- 4 January 2007
  2. ...that the Karnataka politician Hotte Paksha Rangaswamy is the world record holder for number of elections contested? -- 13 January 2007
  3. ...that 60 percent of Carnatic musicians in Karnataka come from Rudrapatna? -- 27 January 2007
  4. ...that the first ever Ranji Trophy cricket match, played in the year 1933 between Mysore and Madras teams, is the only game in the history of the Ranji Trophy to have been completed in a single day? -- 9 October 2007
  5. ...that G. Venkatasubbaiah is regarded as the father of the modern Kannada dictionary? -- 27 October 2007
  6. ...that the Raichur Thermal Power Station is the first thermal power plant to be set up in the Indian state of Karnataka and accounts for about 40% of the total power generated in the state? -- 05 November 2007
  7. ...that Bangalore Gayana Samaja, which celebrated its centenary in the year 2005, is one of the oldest cultural organisations in Bangalore? -- 12 November 2007