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Map Line[edit]



മഞ്ചേശ്വരം ഗ്രാമപഞ്ചായത്ത് ഭൂപടം

Map Shape[edit]

Thrissur District

IT @ School


Kargil district

CMs in India[edit]

CMs in India

Langauages in India[edit]

Langauages in India

States in India[edit]

States in India

Districts in India[edit]

Districts in India

QID to be updated:-

Railway stations in India[edit]

Railway stations in India

[Not linked in OSM]

See source Wikidata query.

Lok Sabha Constituency in India[edit]

Lok Sabha Constituency in India [No data in OSM]

State Assembly Constituency in India[edit]

State Assembly Constituency in India[No data in OSM]

Districts in Kerala[edit]

Districts in Kerala

NWs in India[edit]

NWs in India

Rivers in India[edit]

Rivers in India
Rivers in India

National park in India[edit]

Trying ways and relations separate. together it wont work

National parks in India

See source Wikidata query.

To add national park

  • National parks without wikidata id

NHs in India[edit]

/limit test

NHs in India

NH relations without Wikidata -

Indian National Highways, with shields on Wikidata, with OSM data available

SHs in Kerala[edit]

SHs in Kerala

ASI Monuments[edit]

See source Wikidata query.

OSM Location map[edit]

On the right for Thrissur.

Federal Bank[edit]

Federal Bank

Federal Bank Test (Matroc)[edit]

Federal Bank