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Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Launch of IYA 2009, Paris - Grygar, Bell Burnell cropped.jpg
British astronomer astronomer
University of Glasgow
Lurgan College
University of Cambridge
Mary McAleese
Mary McAleese.jpg
8th President of Ireland politician
university teacher
Queen's University Belfast 1951-06-27


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Alison Elliot Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland psychologist University of Edinburgh
University of Sussex
April McMahon British linguist linguist
university teacher
Enid MacRobbie British biologist and biophysicist biologist 1931
Jackie Kay
Jackie Kay3.JPG
Poet and novelist writer
University of Stirling 1961-11-09
Kathleen Jamie
Kathleen Jamie6 lo res.jpg
British poet poet
University of Edinburgh 1962-05-13
Marion Ross physicist physicist University of Edinburgh 1903-04-09
Mary Noble seed pathologist biologist University of Edinburgh 1911-02-23
Sheila Scott Macintyre mathematician mathematician
research fellow
University of Edinburgh
Girton College


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Barbara Rae painter an printmaker painter Edinburgh College of Art 1943-12-10
Elizabeth Blackadder Dame Elizabeth Violet Blackadder painter Edinburgh College of Art 1931-09-24


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Anne Ferguson teacher University of Glasgow 1941-07-26
Anne Strachan Robertson Scottish archaeologist, numismatist, curator and professor archaeologist
University of Glasgow
University of London
Carol Ann Duffy
Carol Ann Duffy at Humber Mouth 2009 (3646825708).jpg
British writer and professor of contemporary poetry poet
University of Liverpool 1955-12-23
Elish Angiolini
Elish Angiolini.jpg
Scottish lawyer lawyer University of Strathclyde 1960-06-24
Ethel Currie Scottish geologist paleontologist
University of Glasgow 1899-12-04
Eve Johnstone British neuroscientist psychiatrist
Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws
Helena Kennedy -London, England-15Jan2010.jpg
Politician, lawyer, activist, author barrister
Holyrood Secondary School 1950-05-12
Jean Beggs British geneticist geneticist University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Jill Belch Scottish professor of vascular medicine University of Glasgow 1954-10-22
Morag Crichton Timbury Scottish biologist, bacteriologist and virologist biologist
science writer
University of Glasgow 1930-09-29
Wendy Alexander
Wendy Alexander.jpg
former Scottish politician politician University of Glasgow
University of Warwick


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Sheila Bird
SB BSU.jpg
British statistician statistician University of Aberdeen 1952-05-18
Sue Black
forensic anthropologist; anatomist anthropologist University of Aberdeen 1961-05-07


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Anneila Sargent American astronomer astronomer University of Edinburgh
University of California, Berkeley
Val McDermid
Scottish crime writer writer
St Hilda's College
Kirkcaldy High School


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Dusa McDuff
Dusa McDuff.jpg
mathematician mathematician University of Edinburgh 1945-10-18
Joanna Wardlaw teacher University of Edinburgh 1958-11-04
Lesley Yellowlees
Professor Lesley Yellowlees portrait.jpg
British chemist chemist University of Edinburgh 1953


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Eleanor Campbell
Professor of Physical Chemistry at Edinburgh University physicist
University of Edinburgh 1960-04-13
Sheina Marshall Scottish marine biologist marine biologist
University of Glasgow 1896-04-20

United Kingdom[edit]

Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Alice Brown Scottish academic civil servant University of Edinburgh 1946-09-30
Anne E. Magurran British biologist biologist Ulster University 1955
Ursula Martin British computer scientist computer scientist
University of Cambridge
University of Warwick
Girton College


Article image description occupation educated at date of birth
Adrienne Clare Scullion Pro Vice-Chancellor for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Queen's University Belfast
Agata Smoktunowicz Polish mathematician mathematician
university teacher
University of Warsaw 1973-10-12
Agnes Lawrie Addie Shonaig Macpherson
Ailsa Morag Campbell
Alexandra Martha Zoya Slawin Professor of Chemical Crystallography, University of St Andrews.
Alison Jane Patricia Goligher
Alison Phipps Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies, University of Glasgow
Alison Watt Scottish painter painter Glasgow School of Art 1965-12-11
Alison Yarrington Dean of School of Arts, English & Drama, Loughborough University
Andrea Nolan British veterinary surgeon and academic surgeon
Trinity College Dublin
University of Bristol
University of Cambridge
Ann Chester Chandley
Anna Dominiczak Polish medical researcher cardiologist Medical University of Gdańsk 1954-08-26
Anna Glasier professor; expert in reproductive medicine gynaecologist University of Edinburgh
Annabelle Frances Glasier
Anne Glover
EU 2050 Europe's Tech Revolution - Anne Glover (1).jpg
Scottish biologist, Vice Principal for External Affairs and Dean for Europe, Institute Of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen biologist University of Cambridge
University of Edinburgh
High School of Dundee
King's College
Anne Harper Anderson
Anne Neville
Anne Neville Royal Society.jpg
Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in emerging technologies and Professor of Tribology and Surface engineering at the University of Leeds university teacher University of Glasgow 1970-03
Anne Richards Chief Executive, M&G Investments. business executive University of Edinburgh 1964
Anne, Princess Royal
Princess Anne October 2015.jpg
daughter of Elizabeth II event rider Benenden School 1950-08-15
Annette Ferguson astronomer astronomer University of Toronto
Johns Hopkins University
Antonella Sorace Italian-born Scottish linguist linguist University of Southern California
Barbara Elizabeth Crawford
Barbara J. Grosz
Barbara Grosz 01.JPG
American computer scientist computer scientist
artificial intelligence researcher
University of California, Berkeley
Cornell University
Barbara Kelly British public servant 1940-02-27
Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone
Official portrait of Baroness Young of Old Scone crop 2.jpg
BBC Governor, Peer and Chancellor of Cranfield University politician 1948-04-08
Bonnie Jeanne Dunbar
Bonnie Webber Professor of Intelligent Systems, University of Edinburgh
Brenda Moon
Brenda Moon.jpg
librarian 1931-04-11
Bridget McConnell
Cait MacPhee Professor of Biological Physics physicist University of Melbourne
Carol Elizabeth Tannahill Director of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and Chief Social Policy Adviser in Scottish Government
Carol Margaret Duffus
Carol Trager-Cowan Reader in the Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde.
Carole Hillenbrand Islamic scholar historian University of Edinburgh 1943
Caroline Gardner Auditor General for Scotland politician
Caroline Wilkinson British anthropologist anthropologist University of Manchester 1965-10-27
Catherine Heymans
TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh - Catherine Heymans (cropped).png
astrophysicist physicist
University of Edinburgh
University of Oxford
Cathie Sudlow British neurologist neurologist
Charlotte Auerbach Geneticist, author biologist
university teacher
University of Edinburgh 1899-05-14
Cheryll Tickle British biologist biologist University of Cambridge
University of Glasgow
Girton College
Christina Anne Boswell
Christina Cruickshank Miller Scottish chemist chemist
Heriot-Watt University
University of Edinburgh
Christine Hallett social scientist 1949-05-04
Christine Margaret Hallett
Christine Tullis Hunter Davies Professor of Physics, University of Glasgow physicist University of Cambridge 1959
Claire Halpin
Clare Blackburn British female biologist biologist University of Edinburgh
Connie Eaves Canadian medical researcher medical researcher University of Manchester
Queen's University
D. Jane Bower
Deborah Charlesworth British evolutionary biologist biologist Newnham College 1943-03-13
Deborah Janet Howard Emeritus Professor of Architectural History at the University of Cambridge historian
art historian
Delphine Parrott Endocrinologist and immunologist immunologist
university teacher
Bedford College
King's College London GKT School of Medical Education
Denise Coia Consultant psychiatrist and Chair of Healthcare Improvement Scotland psychiatrist
Dianne Edwards Palaeobotanist & scholar botanist
university teacher
Girton College 1942
Doerthe Tetzlaff Professor in Hydrology and Landscape Ecology, University of Aberdeen.
Doreen Cantrell British immunologist immunologist Aberystwyth University
University of Nottingham
Doris Reynolds British geologist geologist Bedford College 1899-07-11
Dorothy Hanson Crawford
Dorothy Miell researcher psychologist
E. V. Baxter Scottish ornithologist ornithologist 1879-03-29
Edith Philip Smith botanist Somerville College 1897-03-09
Eileen Alison Mackay
Eileen Dunning
Elisabeth Ann Innes
Elizabeth Ann Moignard
Elizabeth Joyce Tait Director, Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh.
Elizabeth Loftus
Elizabeth Loftus-TAM 9-July 2011.JPG
American cognitive psychologist psychologist
university teacher
Stanford University
University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Mary Russell Emeritus Professor of Social Medicine, University of Aberdeen.
Elizabeth Percival chemist University of Edinburgh 1906-01-03
Elizabeth Tanner
DSCN1546 small copy.jpg
Professor of Biomedical Materials (Biomedical Engineering) at University of Glasgow academic Lady Margaret Hall 1957-03-20
Ellen Birgit Lane
Elsie Conway British botanist and phycologist algologist
University of Liverpool 1902
Elspeth Christie Reid Professor of Scottish Private Law, University of Edinburgh.
Elspeth Smith British academic and biochemist biochemist University of Cambridge 1923
Ethel Marian Scott Professor of Environmental Statistics, University of Glasgow
Eve Cordelia Johnstone former Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh
Evelyn Margaret Gill
Felicity Huntingford British ecologist 1948-06-17
Felicity Riddy British academic literary historian University of Oxford
University of Auckland
Fiona Jane Stafford Professor in English, University of Oxford.
Fiona Mackay feminist political scientist
Fiona Macpherson Professor of Philosophy philosopher 1971-10-19
Frances Cairncross British journalist and economist journalist Brown University
St Anne's College
Gabriele C. Hegerl British climatologist climatologist Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 1963
Gillian Wright Director, STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre
Hazel Jane Read Hall
Heather Cubie bacteriologist 1946
Helen Sang Group Leader, R(D)SVS, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh.
Hilary Critchley British academic obstetrician and gynaecologist gynaecologist
University of Manchester
Ineke De Moortel Belgian mathematician and astronomer mathematician
University of St Andrews
Irene May Leigh
Ivana Markova British psychologist psychologist Charles University 1938
J. K. Rowling
J. K. Rowling 2010.jpg
English novelist film producer
children's writer
executive producer
University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter
Wyedean School
Jane Elizabeth Anne Dawson
Jane Elizabeth Norman Professor of Maternal and Fetal Health, University of Edinburgh.
Jane Hillston British computer scientist computer scientist
University of Edinburgh
University of York
Lehigh University
Jane Margaret Reid Professor of Population & Evolutionary Ecology, University of Aberdeen.
Jane Millgate
Jane Plant British geochemist, scientist, and autho geologist University of Liverpool 1945-02-01
Jane Stuart-Smith Professor of English Language and Linguistics
Janet Balfour of Burleigh
Janet Brown Inglis McDonald
Janet Carsten anthropologist
Janet Lowe
Janet Margaret Reid ecologist and evolutionary biologist professor
Janet Marjorie Allen
Janet Marjorie Brown
Janet Morgan, Lady Balfour of Burleigh Canadian-born English writer and historian writer 1945-12
Janet Sprent British botanist botanist University of London
Imperial College London
Jannette Anderson Professor of Biology biologist 1927
Jean Balfour Forester, landowner and conservationist. forester
Jean Manson Professor of Biomedical and Cognitive Sciences
Jeanne Elisabeth Bell
Jennifer Wishart Emeritus Professor of Developmental Disabilities in Childhood, University of Edinburgh
Jill Diana Harries
Jill Harries historian of late antiquity historian
Somerville College 1999
Jill Janette Freda Belch
Jill Pell Henry Mechan Professor of Public Health and Director of the Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow.
Joan Stringer British academic and educationalist political scientist Keele University 1948-05-12
Joanna Marguerite Wardlaw Professor of Applied Neuroimaging, University of Edinburgh
Joanne Patricia Sharp professor of geography at the University of Glasgow
Joanne Scott Professor of European Law
Johanna Moore computer scientist computer scientist University of California, Los Angeles
North Hollywood High School
Josephine Pemberton
Josephine Pemberton, 2017 (cropped).jpg
Professor of Biology at the University of Edinburgh zoologist
university teacher
University of Oxford 2000s
Judith Elizabeth Allen
Julia M. H. Smith British historian historian Newnham College
Corpus Christi College
Julie Lydia Fitzpatrick
June Gordon, Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair
June Gordon Marchioness of Aberdeen and Termair bronze bust by sculptor Laurence Broderick.jpg
Pianist, conductor conductor
Royal College of Music 1913-12-29
Justine Cassell American linguist, professor and human-computer interaction researcher linguist
artificial intelligence researcher
University of Edinburgh
Dartmouth College
University of Chicago
Karen Vousden British medical researcher biologist Queen Mary University of London 1957-07-19
Kate Gillian Storey Professor of Neural Development, University of Dundee.
Kate Hunt
Katherine Jane Hawley Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews professor
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
Kathryn Whaler geophysicist geophysicist 1956-06-11
Kay Jamison
Kirsty Wark
Kirsty wark podium.jpg
British journalist and television presenter journalist University of Edinburgh 1955-02-03
Lalage Jean Bown English educator teacher University of Oxford 1927-04-01
Laura Francesca Piacentini Professor of Criminology, University of Strathclyde
Laura Machesky Professor of Cancer Biology
Leonora Jeffrey Rintoul Scottish ornithologist and author ornithologist 1878
Lesley Mary Samuel Knox
Lesley Scott Dent Glasser
Linda Partridge
Linda Partridge 01.JPG
British biogerontologist geneticist St Anne's College
Wolfson College
Liz Lochhead Scottish writer poet
Glasgow School of Art 1947-12-26
Loeske Elizabeth Beatrice Kruuk scientist
Lora Katherine Heisler
Lorna Margaret Davidson Macpherson
Louise Heathwaite Britsh agronomist agronomist
Louise Richardson
Louise Richardson.jpg
Irish political scientist professor Trinity College Dublin
Harvard University
University of California, Los Angeles
Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne British chef chef University of London 2000s
Lyndsay Fletcher Astrophysicist astrophysicist University of Glasgow 1968
Lynn Drummond
Lynn Helen Ann Jamieson
Maggie Cusack Dean of Natural Sciences academic
Maggie Kinloch
Mandy Elaine Ryan Professor of Health Economics, University of Aberdeen.
Margaret Anne Crowther
Margaret Barnes marine biologist biologist University of London 1919-08-26
Margaret Buckingham French-British biologist biologist
university teacher
University of Oxford 1945-03-02
Margaret Donaldson British psychologist psychologist University of Edinburgh 1926
Margaret Ford, Baroness Ford British peer and Chair of Scottish Television Holdings PLC and Barchester Healthcare politician 1957-12-16
Margaret Frame Professor of Molecular Cell Biology, Western General Hospital. biologist
Margaret Patricia Henton
Margaret Ruth MacLean
Maria Fernanda Ferreira
Maria Saveria Campo
Marian Scott statistician statistician 1950
Marie Johnston Emeritus Professor in Psychology, University of Aberdeen.
Marion Kay Campbell
Mary Bownes English molecular and developmental biologist molecular biologist University of Sussex 1948
Mary Drummond Corsar
Mary Gibby botanist botanist 1949
Mary Renfrew professor of midwifery University of Edinburgh 1955
Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson (2014).jpg
Irish politician; President of Ireland, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights politician
university teacher
Trinity College Dublin
Harvard Law School
Columbia University
Mary Tara Marshall
Mercedes Maroto-Valer Spanish engineer chemical engineer
university teacher
Moira Mary Jardine
Moira Whyte Scottish physician physician University of London 1959-09-25
Mona Siddiqui Professor of Islamic Studies professor University of Leeds
University of Manchester
Muffy Calder
Muffy Calder.jpg
Computer Scientist computer scientist University of St Andrews 1958-05-21
Muriel Gray
Muriel Gray.jpg
Scottish journalist journalist
Glasgow School of Art 1958-08-30
Nancy Reid Canadian statistician mathematician
university teacher
Natascha Gentz Dean, International (China) and Professor of Chinese, University of Edinburgh.
Neva Haites Australian geneticist scientist
Niamh Nic Daeid Forensic science researcher
Nicola Benedetti
Nicky Benedetti.jpg
Classical violinist violinist Yehudi Menuhin School 1987-07-20
Nora Miller zoologist University of Glasgow 1898-09-07
Noreen Murray
Noreen Murray (cropped).jpg
British molecular biologist molecular biologist
University of Birmingham
King's College London
Norman Dott teacher University of Edinburgh 1897-08-26
Norna Anne Robertson Lead Scientist, LIGO Project, California Institute of Technology.
Nuala Ann Booth
Olivia Fiona Robinson Honorary Professorial Research Fellow, University of Glasgow. 1901s
Pamela Gillies Epidemiologist, educator, academic epidemiologist University of Aberdeen 1953
Pamela Robertson Senior Curator, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
Patricia Clare Mazoura Morrow Macdonald
Patricia Connolly
Patricia Jacobs British geneticists geneticist
university teacher
University of St Andrews 1934-10-08
Pauline Schaap Personal Professor of Developmental Signalling, University of Dundee.
Pauline Weetman Professor Emerita of Accounting, University of Edinburgh
Petra Wend Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen Margaret University.
Polly Arnold
The Royal Society of Edinburgh editathon 3 Dec 2013 34.JPG
Professor of Chemistry chemist 2000s
Rabinder Buttar British business woman immunologist University of Glasgow
University of Strathclyde
Raffaella Ocone Professor of Chemical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University. academic Princeton University
Rebecca Cheung Professor of Nanoelectronics, University of Edinburgh.
Rebecca Lunn
Rhian Touyz researcher researcher University of the Witwatersrand 1959
Rhona Hunter Flin
Robyn Louise Marsack
Romila Thapar
Indian historian historian
university teacher
Panjab University
SOAS, University of London
Rona McLeod MacKie Professorial Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
Rosemary Anne Bailey
Rosemary Hutton British geophysicist geophysicist University of St Andrews
University of London
Ruth Frances Jarrett
Sally Ann Brown
Sally Macintyre
Sally Macintyre Royal Society of Edinburgh 3 Dec 2013.JPG
Scottish sociologist sociologist University of Durham
University of Aberdeen
Sally Wyke social scientist.
Sara Lindsey Carter Associate Deputy Principal, University of Strathclyde.
Sarah Birch Professor of Politics political scientist Dartmouth College 1963-12-05
Sarah Birch
Sarah Broadie British historian of philosophy university teacher 1941-11-03
Sarah Cleaveland
Professor Sarah Cleaveland OBE FRS.jpg
British veterinary surgeon and epidemiologist epidemiologist
University of Cambridge
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Sarah Curtis geographer St Hilda's College 1954-10-31
Sarah Frances Beamish
Sarah Jane Cunningham-Burley
Sarah Wanless research ecologist ornithologist University of Aberdeen
Saveria Campo Italian viral oncologist teacher University of Edinburgh 1947
Seona Reid Director - The Glasgow School of Art civil servant 1950-01-21
Sharon Ashbrook Professor of Physical Chemistry chemist
Hertford College 2000s
Sheila McLean British legal scholar University of Glasgow 1951-06-20
Sheila Rowan Professor of Physics at the University of Glasgow, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Scottish Government physicist University of Glasgow
Susan Bridget Davidson
Susan Greenfield
Susan greenfield.jpg
British scientist politician
St Hilda's College 1950-10-01
Susan J. Smith
Susan Jane Smith, 30 April 2016.jpg
British geographer geographer St Anne's College 1956
Susan Jane Hart
Susan Jane Smith Mistress, Girton College, University of Cambridge.
Susan McVie
Susan Rice banker Wellesley College
University of Aberdeen
Susan Welburn Professor of Medical and Veterinary Molecular Epidemiology
Susanne Moira Brown
Tessa Holyoake academic University of Glasgow 1963-03-17
Tessa Laurie Holyoake
Tracy Palmer
Tracy PALMER FRS.jpg
Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Dundee microbiologist University of Birmingham 2000s
Verity Joy Brown Provost of St Leonard's College, University of St Andrews.
Veronica van Heyningen Geneticist who specialises in the etiology of anophthalmia geneticist Lady Margaret Hall
Girton College
Northwestern University
Vicki Bruce Psychologist, Professor of Psychology and current Head of the School of Psychology at Newcastle University psychologist Newnham College 1953-01-04
Vicki Lynne Hanson
Vicki l hanson photo 1.png
American computer scientist computer scientist University of Oregon
University of Colorado
Vicki Stone toxicologist
Victoria Crowe British artist painter Royal College of Art 1945
Wendy Bickmore
Wendy Bickmore Royal Society.jpg
British genome biologist researcher University of Oxford 1961-07-28
Xiaoyu Luo
Zinnie Harris British dramatist and playwright playwright
University of Hull 1972-12-23
Zoe Shipton British geologist geologist 2000s
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