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I'm 55 and I come from the UK. My interests include antiques, astronomy, biographies, classical literature, darts, film, history, international relations, naval history, military history, geography, science fiction, statistics, theatre, tennis, travel.

My personality type[edit]

A chart with descriptions of each Myers–Briggs personality type and the four dichotomies central to the theory

(“THE PROTAGONIST”), ENFJ after I took the 16 personalities test.

ENFJs are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our coaches and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, ENFJs take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community.
General characteristics are caring, diplomatic, enthusiastic, organized, responsible, skilled communicators, value connection with people.

Special places to me[edit]

Abersoch, Abu Dhabi, Adam's Peak, Alicante, Amsterdam, Anglesey, Athens, Baalbek, Bala Lake, Barcelona, Benidorm, Beruit, Blackpool, Blair Castle, Bodelwyddan Castle, Bordeaux, Bourj Hammoud, Caernarfon, Cartagena, Castle Hill, Castle Howard, Cathcart, Chester, Chatsworth House, Charleston, South Carolina, Chatsworth House, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Córdoba, Colombo, Conwy Castle, Dhaka, Denbigh, Dolgellau, Dubai, Dublin, East Kilbride, Edinburgh, Ephesus, Eilean Donan, Fethiye, Fez, Florence, Fort Lauderdale, Galicia, Glasgow, Giza pyramid complex, Goa, Harrogate, Harlech Castle, Hartford, Connecticut, Ho Chi Minh City, Ibiza, Kandy, Key West, Ilkley Moor, Isle of skye, Isle of Wight, La Rochelle, Llandudno, Liverpool, Luxor, Manchester, Mallaig, Moel Famau, Lake District, Lough Corrib, Loch Ness, Nha Trang. Mansourieh, Marrakesh, Miami, Mold, Murcia, New York City, Newquay, Niagara Falls, Madrid, Mirissa, Mykonos, Oban, Ölüdeniz, Paris, Petra, Rajasthan, Roundhay, San Marino, Seville, Sitges, Snowdon, Sundarbans, Tangier, Temple of the Tooth, Toronto, Tyre, Unawatuna, Valencia, Valley of the Kings, Venice, Wrexham, Yorkshire, Zahlé, Zürich.


Hiking, naval wargaming, naval wargames society, miniature wargaming, Photography, Scale modeling, Tennis.

Articles I've created[edit]


Butlins Grand MastersDry Blackthorn Cider MastersList of BDO ranked tournaments


Daz SaundList of awards and nominations received by Deadmau5List of awards and nominations received by Carl CoxList of awards and nominations received by Paul van DykList of awards and nominations received by Deadmau5List of awards and nominations received by Carl CoxList of awards and nominations received by Roger SanchezList of DJ Awards winners and nomineesSmokin Jo

Former countries[edit]

Bronze Age statesCopper Age statesClassical Age statesIron Age statesStates during Late AntiquityStates during the Middle AgesSovereign states in the 21st century BC


BBC Design and EngineeringBBC Finance & Business

Military History[edit]

1st Division (Royal Navy)3rd Destroyer Squadron3rd Light Cruiser Squadron4th Destroyer Squadron5th Destroyer Squadron7th Battle Squadron8th Battle SquadronAdditional Civil Lord of the AdmiraltyAdmiral Commanding, Orkneys and ShetlandsAdmiralty Experiment WorksAdmiralty Gunnery EstablishmentAdmiral of PatrolsAdmiral of the NorthAdmiral of the North and WestAdmiral of the South, North and WestAdmiral of the WestAdmiral-superintendent, PortsmouthAdmiralty in the 16th centuryAdmiralty in the 17th centuryAdmiralty in the 18th centuryAdmiralty Naval StaffAdmiralty Record OfficeAdmiralty Navy War CouncilAdmiral-superintendent, PortsmouthAdmiralty War StaffAir DivisionAnti-Submarine DivisionComptroller of the Navy (Navy Board)Civil Lord of the AdmiraltyClerk of the ActsCommander-in-Chief, DoverCommander-in-Chief, Naval Home CommandCommander in Chief, North AtlanticCommander-in-Chief, North SeaComptroller of the Navy (Navy Board)Controller of Treasurer AccountsController of Victualling AccountsDepartment of the Accountant-General of the NavyDepartment of the Director of DockyardsDepartment of the Director of Naval EquipmentDepartment of the Permanent Secretary (Royal Navy)Deputy Chief of the Naval StaffDeputy First Sea LordDeputy Comptroller of the Navy (Navy Board)Downs StationGunnery DivisionGunnery and Torpedo DivisionLeeward Islands StationList of task forces of the Royal NavyLord High Admirals CouncilMercantile Movements DivisionMobilisation DivisionNaval Historical BranchNaval Intelligence DepartmentNaval Mobilisation DepartmentNaval Stores DepartmentNaval Works DepartmentNewfoundland StationOperations DivisionPlans DivisionSignal DivisionSurveyor of BuildingsSurveyor of Marine VictualsTrade DivisionVice Chief of the Naval StaffVictualling DepartmentWestern SquadronWilliam de Leybourne


1880 Men's Tennis season1881 Men's Tennis season1882 Men's Tennis season1883 Men's Tennis season1968 Men's National Tennis League1968 World Championship Tennis circuit1969 Men's National Tennis League1969 World Championship Tennis circuit1975 Cairo Open1977 Cairo Open1978 Cairo Open1980 Australian Hard Court Championships1982 Cincinnati Open1983 Cincinnati Open1984 Cincinnati Open1986 Cincinnati Open1987 Cincinnati Open1986 Grand Prix German Open1982 Italian Open1985 Italian Open1986 Italian Open1981 Lorraine Open1982 Lorraine Open1983 Lorraine Open1985 Lorraine Open1986 Lorraine Open1987 Lorraine Open1988 Lorraine Open1877 Men's Tennis season1878 Men's Tennis season1879 Men's Tennis season1982 Monte Carlo Open1983 Monte Carlo Open1982 WCT Tournament of Champions1983 WCT Tournament of Champions1984 WCT Tournament of Champions1984 WCT Tournament of Champions1982 WCT Tournament of Champions1983 WCT Tournament of Champions1983 WCT Tournament of ChampionsAll-time tennis records – men's singlesAll-time tennis records – women's singlesAustralian Hard Court ChampionshipsBaden Baden InternationalBritish Pro ChampionshipsDewar Cup circuitDewar Cup AberavonDewar Cup BillinghamDewar Cup LondonDewar Cup StalybridgeDoherty-Mahony rivalryDoreen SansoniFrench Covered Court ChampionshipsGore-Wilding rivalryGrand Prix Super SeriesOpen Era tennis records – women's singlesPrinces Club ChampionshipsScottish ChampionshipsScottish Hard Court ChampionshipsSlazenger Pro ChampionshipsSouth Australian ChampionshipsSouth of England ChampionshipsSouth of France ChampionshipsThe Homburg CupVictorian ChampionshipsWelsh ChampionshipsWelsh Covered Court Championships


Template:Admiralty DepartmentTemplate:Ancient states and regions of the LevantTemplate:Battle squadrons of the Royal NavyTemplate:Battle Cruiser squadrons of the Royal NavyTemplate:Board of AdmiraltyTemplate:BDO Ranked tournamentsTemplate:BDO ranked tournamentsTemplate:Cairo Open tournamentsTemplate:Cruiser squadrons of the Royal NavyTemplate:Destroyer squadrons of the Royal NavyTemplate:Dewar Cup circuitTemplate:DJ Award-Special Award for Outstanding ContributionTemplate:DJ Award for Best Garage, Hip Hop, R & B, Underground, Urban DJTemplate:DJ Award-Special Award for Lifetime AchievementTemplate:DJ Award-Special Award for Outstanding DedicationTemplate:DJ Award Special Award for Outstanding AchievementTemplate:DJ Award for Best Drum & Bass, Bass, Beats, Trip Hop DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Breakthrough DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Newcomer DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Deep House DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Tech House DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Electro DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Trance DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Techno DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best International DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best House DJTemplate:DJ Award for Best Tech House Progressive DJTemplate:Mens tennis seasonsTemplate:Navy BoardTemplate:Royal Navy formation typesTemplate:Royal Navy fleetsTemplate:Royal Navy air stations, bases, depots, dockyards, facilities, installations, shore establishments, training, unitsTemplate:Tribes and kingdoms of the MahabharataTemplate:Victualling BoardTemplate:Virginia Slims tennis tournamentsTemplate:World Covered Court Championships men's singles championsTemplate:World Hard Court Championships men's singles championsTemplate:WCT Year-End Championships winners

Other major edits[edit]

Assistant Chief of the Naval StaffBoard of AdmiraltyCape of Good Hope StationDJ AwardsDJ PauletteJanapadaMaria CharlesNavy BoardTony De Vit

Total Pages created[edit]

Its nice to be appreciated from time to time[edit]

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For Admiralty in the 16th century - great work!! Buckshot06 (talk) 09:56, 15 January 2017 (UTC)
Wow many thanks.--Navops47 (talk) 10:09, 15 January 2017 (UTC)
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For your consistent, solid work on the English Navy and Royal Navy!! The best sources are your best friends!! Buckshot06 (talk) 06:50, 15 July 2018 (UTC)
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