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A drawing from my PhD thesis, suggesting what a Planothamites heteromorph ammonite might have looked like in life.

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Wikipedia interests: primarily fish, especially those of significance to the aquarium hobby.

Education: BSc Hons. (Zoology), University of Aberdeen; PhD, Imperial College & Natural History Museum, London.

Research: Phylogeny and functional morphology of heteromorph ammonites, belemnites, coleoid cephalopods, and brachiopods.

List of scientific publications: [1].

Personal web page: [2]


  • Ammonites: The Living Past, with Phil Palmer. Published 2003 by Natural History Museum Publishing.
  • Cladistics, with Peter Skelton & Andrew Smith. Published 2002 by Cambridge University Press.
  • Astronomy with a Home Computer. Published in 2005 by Springer-Verlag.
  • Brackish Water Fishes: An Illustrated Guide. Published in 2006 by TFH Publishing.

Electronic Books

  • Buying Used Macs. [3].


  • MacFormat
  • Macworld
  • Tropical Fish Hobbyist
  • Tropical Fish Magazine
  • Tropical World
  • Practical Fishkeeping

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