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I'm Neal McBurnett. I've been sharing information and tools world-wide since 1979, initially as a Usenet contributor. I co-founded the world's second web-based community network, Boulder Community Network in October, 1993.

I was an early adopter of Wikipedia. I know Ward Cunningham and used the first wiki, his WikiWikiWeb, so it made sense to me. My first edit here (creating the Boulder, Colorado page)[1] was on 2002-09-28. I'm active with the Wikimedians of Colorado User Group, a Wikimedia affiliate.

I conceived of and developed the open source ElectionAudits software and used it to audit Boulder's 2008 and 2010 elections, and helped get risk-limiting audits adopted in Colorado and elsewhere, as described at The Colorado Risk-Limiting Audit Project (CORLA). I've contributed to a variety of other ElectionAuditWare including the two prominent tools ColoradoRLA and Arlo, also both open source.

I love to analyze data, and helped design courses which use Apache Spark on big datasets like the ones Wikipedia has.

I've been active with Ubuntu since the early days, and was involved with the Server team in its early years:

I taught Artificial intelligence at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2012 and 2013.

See my home page and my blog for way more than you probably wanted to know about me, my interests, and links to things I think are funny, fun, useful or important.

Supporter of WikiLove and Concordia (even if it is "inactive")

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