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I started on 1 August 2010 to participate actively in the completion of the English and German Wikipedia. At the moment I am mainly interested in adding articles on solid phase welding and welding engineers who focus(ed) on electromagnetic pulse technology (EMPT) and friction stir welding (FSW).

Articles by NearEMPTiness in alphabetical order[edit]

The Africa Museum is a museum in Berg en Dal in the Netherlands.

The Aldershot Narrow Gauge Suspension Railway was built in 1872 as an experimental railway at Aldershot Camp.

All for the Beatles is a rock ’n’ roll song from 1964, which was written by Harry Nilsson and John Marascalco.

William Arbegast (1951-2009) was an American mechanical engineer and friction stir welding expert.

The Aukštaitijos narrow gauge railway is a 68.4 km long tourist train from Panevėžys to Rubikiai in Lithuania with a gauge of 750 mm.

Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) is a Chinese train that runs on rubber tires instead of steel rails.

The Barbados Railway was a 38,6 km long narrow gauge railway on Barbados with a gauge of initially 3 feet 6 inch and later 2 feet 6 inch.

The Beeches Light Railway is a private narrow gauge railway in Steeple Aston in the garden of Adrian Shooter, the former director of Chiltern Railways.

Bianca Beetson is an Australian contemporary artist.

The Blake Dean Railway was an approximalely 5.5 miles (9 km) long narrow gauge railway with a gauge of 3 feet (914 mm) in the Hardcastle Crags Valley in West Yorkshire.

Bevan Braithwaite (1939-2008) was chief executive of The Welding Institute and founding director of Granta Park in Cambridge.

Blackmore River flows into Darwin Harbour close to Darwin in the Australian Northern Territory.

Calvin Blignault (1979-2010) was a South African Mechanical Engineer and friction stir welding expert.

William F. Brown (1919- 2010) was a welding engineer, professional engineer and magnetic pulse welding expert.

The Bullfrog Goldfield Railroad was a private single-track standard-gauge steam railroad lying just inside and about midway of the southwestern State line of Nevada.

H. Bullock Webster (1855-1942) was a self-trained painter who worked in the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Rainer Buchmann is a German car designer.

Sir Thomas Octavius Callender (born April 1855 in Glasgow; died on 2 December 1938 at Bidborough Court, Kent) was a businessman who promoted the electrical industry.

The Centennial Monorail was demonstrated at the Centennial International Exhibition of 1876.

The Children's Railway Sakhalin is a narrow gauge miniature railway in the Russian town Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The Christmas Island Phosphate Co.'s Railway was an 19.7 km long industrial railway between Flying Fish Cove and South Point on Christmas Island.

John J. Coit (1875–1910) was an experienced railroad engineer, who built and operated four miniature railways in California.

The Colossus of Ostermunzel is an glacial erratic, which was found in 2013 east of Ostermunzel in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad was a normal gauge forest railway near Columbia City, Oregon, which was owned by the Portland based Peninsular Lumber Company.

George William Coventry, 11th Earl of Coventry (1934-2002) was a British peer and politician of the Conservative Party.

Crib bridges were made from horizontally placed logs.

Darwin Harbour is the body of water close to Darwin in the Australian Northern Territory.

The Dry Creek explosives depot was a secure storage facility near Port Adelaide from 1906 to 1995, serving the construction, mining and quarrying industries of South Australia, as well as the mines of Broken Hill in New South Wales.

A dutchman (rail) is colloquially a short piece of rail (approximately 4-6 inches, i.e. 100-150mm, long) that is cut specially and carried by the railroad section men in their hy-rail truck along with the tools and oxy-acetylene torch.

The Earl of Dudley’s Railway or Pensnett Railway, was a 40 miles (64 km) long network around the Earl’s Iron Works at Round Oak near Brierley Hill.

The Eastlake Park Scenic Railway was a 984 m (3229 feet) long miniature railway in the 1:3 scale with a gauge of 457 mm (18 inch), which operated from 19 May 1904 to 11 May 1905 in the Eastlake Park (now Lincoln Park) in Los Angeles in California

The Efferenn’s Trust was founded in 1881 by the Last Will of the independent gentleman Carl August Efferenn.

Gotthart A Eichhorn (* 1941) is a German photographer, photodesigner and author.

Eimer's organs are sensory organs of moles.

The Electric Tramway in Mandalay was owned and operated by the Mandalay Electric Company, which was incorporated in London in October 1902 with a capital of GBP 200,000.

The Electron Hydroelectric Project by Puget Sound Energy on the Puyallup River in Pierce County, Washington generates 22 MW of electricity.

Elizabeth, Princess of Urach and Countess of Württemberg (1894-1962) was the wife of Karl Aloys of Liechtenstein.

Elizabeth River flows into Darwin Harbour close to Darwin in the Australian Northern Territory.

The Epsom Salts Monorail was a short-lived Lartigue Monorail in San Bernardino County, California, in the United States.

The Filovia system was an electric power supply for trackless trolley busses.

Daniel James Hatfield Finch-Hatton, 17th Earl of Winchilsea, 12th Earl of Nottingham (born 7 October 1967) is a British Peer.

The Fishery Railway Hortobágy is a narrow gauge railway with a gauge of 760 mm at the fish ponds near Hortobágy in Hungary.

The Flying Merkel (1911–1915) was a motor cycle of the US-American company Merkel in Milwaukee.

La Fonderie, Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour is a museum about the Industrial Revolution in Brussels.

The Forest Railway Welschbruch was a narrow gauge forest railway near Barr in the Bas-Rhin department of France.

Frauenthal is a castle in Deutschlandsberg in Styria.

Friction stir welding and its variants are used for many industrial applications in the shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, railway and fabrication industry sectors.

Roy Geddes (1949-2006) was Dean of Science and Engineering at Auckland Institute of Technology.

Beagle Gulf is the body of water into which Port Darwin opens.

Halmstad Bolmen Railway was a 64 km long narrow gauge railway line in the Halland County of Sweden.

Anthony Philip Harbord-Hamond, 11th Baron Suffield, MC (1922-2011) was a British peer, soldier and politician of the Conservative Party.

Hells Kitchen Railway Museum is a private railway museum with a bar in the Main Street of Castlerea, Co. Roscommon in Irland.

The Herceghalom rail crash occurred on 1 December 1916 at 00:24 o'clock in the station of Herceghalom, Hungary, on the Budapest–Hegyeshalom line as side collision of an express train running into a shunting passenger train.

Thongchat Hongladarom (born 1937) is Chairman of the Board and Independent Director of Samart Corporation PCL.

Loch Ewe Distillery is the smallest legally operated destille of Scotland in Drumchork near Aultbea in the Scottish Highlands

Dieter Mecke (1933-2013) was a German biochemist, chemist and pharmacist.

Reinhard Mecke (1895-1969) was a German physicist, who focussed on chemical physics. He was one of the pioneers of infrared spectroscopy.

Jalaluddin Jalal (1923-1977) was an Afghan poet and painter.

Einar Lilloe Gran (born 1886) was a Norwegian engineer and and pioneer of aviation in Norway.

Granta is the name of two of the four tributaries of the River Cam, although both names are often used synonymously.

Granta Park is a science and technology park in Great Abington near Cambridge, England.

Groz-Beckert is market leader for industrial machine needles, precision engineering as well as sytems and services for the manufacture and sewing of textiles.

Catrin G Grosse (* 1964), also known as Catrin Große is a German painter, graphic designer and sculptor.

Ulrich Grosse (* 1953) is a German public transport consultant.

Hibernia 41-E and 42-E were steam locomotives of Hibernia AG.

The Italjet Dragster is so far the only mass-produced scooter with a RAAD forkless front suspension and a spaceframe.

Jean Howard Hagstrum was Professor Emeritus of English at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

John Hinrichs († 2012) was a welding engineer and Founder, Part Owner and Vice President Technology at the company Friction Stir Link, Inc. in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

The painting of HMY Alexandra, which I had originally uploaded, appeared in the "Did you know?" section of the Main Page on 10 April 2011.

Saifuddin Jalal (* 1958), pseudonym Mayparast, nick name Saiffi, is an Afghan philosopher, writer und poet.

A Jeepomotive or Jeep train is a Willys Jeep coverted to be used on a railroad

Martyn Jope (1915-1996) was an English archaeologist and chemist. He worked temporarily during the Second World War as a biochemist.

Marian Karel (born 1944) is a Czech sculptor and artist.

Kerry Woollen Mills are historic wool mills based just off the Ring of Kerry.

Lewis Kingman (1845-1912) was a civil engineer, who surveyed and built several thousands of miles of railroad lines.

Adam Koppy (1973-2013) was an experienced friction welding machine builder.

Casandra Krammer (* 1994) is a German designer.

Johnny K Larsson is a Swedish engineer and Technical Specialist, Body-in-White Joining Technologies, at Volvo, where he focuses on joining technologies for passenger car body structures.

Prince Karl Aloys of Liechtenstein (1878-1955) was Imperial and Royal Cavalry Master until the end of the monarchy of Austria-Hungary and 1918-1920 temporarily Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The Kivu Railway was a 94 km long narrow gauge railway with a gauge of 3 ft 6 in from Kalundu to Kamaniola in the Congo, which operated from 1931 to 1958.

Kreidler Florett RS was a German moped of Kreidler's Metall- und Drahtwerke G.m.b.H. in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart (Germany), of which 125,000 pieces have been built between 1967 and 1981

L’Oasis sacrée d’oum Lâalag is located 50 km southwest of M'Hamid El Ghizlane in Morocco at the old piste to Timbuktu, only a few kilometers off the Algerian border.

The Lawa Railway was a 173 km long single track narrow gauge railway with a gauge of 1,000 mm in Suriname.

The MAN steel house was a pre-fabricated building by MAN (Machine Works Augsburg-Nürnberg), of which 230 units have been built world wide from 1948 to 1953.

Manoir de Lébioles is a castle like manor in Creppe, a quarter of Spa in Belgium.

The Mohave Museum of History and Arts in 400 W. Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona is a private, not-for-profit organization, which was founded in 1961. It focuses on the preservation of the heritage of Northwestern Arizona and of the presentation of history and arts to the public

The Lyndale Railway Company operated the Minneapolis, Lyndale and Lake Calhoun railway.

Charles-Louis Michelez (1817-1883) was a French photographer.

The New York & Brighton Beach Railway was a standard gauge railway line in Brooklyn on Long Island, New York.

Robert Hugh Molesworth Kindersley, 3rd Baron Kindersley, (born 1929) is a British peer, politician and business man.

The Captain Marshall Field Expeditions were undertaken by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

M'Hamid El Ghizlane is a small oasis town in southern Morocco with about 7500 inhabitants.

Mandelsloh is a borough of Neustadt am Rübenberge in the district of Hanover, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Felipe Mendez participated at the 2nd Captain Marshall Field Paleontological Expedition in 1926.

The Société Anonyme des Ateliers Edouard Mennig was a Belgic manufacturer of machine tools, especially for woodworking.

The North Arm Powder Magazine near Port Adelaide, South Australia was from 1858 to 1906 a secure storage facility for dynamite and gelignite to be used in the construction, mining and quarrying industries.

J. Oor was a piano factory based in Brussels.

Vellaatt Chembalancheri Balakrishna Panicker (1889-1912) was an Indian journalist and poet.

The Parish Church of Reinhardtsgrimma is an evangelical lutheran church in Reinhardtsgrimma, a part of Glashütte in Saxony.

Professor Bryan Patterson (1909-1979) was a paleontologist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

The Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) is a non-profit organisation supporting the upstream oil and gas industry as well as the downstream petroleum and petrochemical industry in Thailand.

Portrait of Père Paul is a painting by Claude Monet.

Priest's Leap is a straight and steep single-lane mountain pass between Coohola Bridge and Bonane east of the more winding road from Bantry to Kenmare in Ireland.

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) is a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited.

Chira Ratanarat is the Chief Executive Officer of The Siam Chemicals Public Company (SCC).

Khunying Thongtip Ratanarat is Member of the Board of Directors of The Siam Fine Chemicals and of the Foundation for the Petroleum Institute of Thailand.

The Rowtor Target Railway was a militay narrow gauge target railway south of Okehampton in Dartmoor, England with a gauge of 610 mm (2 foot 6 inch)

Quail Island (Northern Territory) came into the news when SS Brisbane struck the closeby Fish Reef.

The Röntgen Memorial Site in Würzburg, Germany reminds on the work of the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845–1923) and his discovery of the X rays, for which he was granted the Nobel price of physics.

The Sakuradani Light Railway is a private, ridable 15 inch gauge electric railroad in the Toyono District of the Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Salsaringer is a Lower Franconian dialect-band.

Eric Sharp, Baron Sharp of Grimsdyke (1916-1994) was a British business man and Member of the House of Lords.

August Ludwig Schott (1751–1787) was a German lawyer and professor.

The Schulzengrundbach is a small river left of the Westerbach in Landkreis Aschaffenburg in the Bavarian Spessart.

Arthur Searcy (1852-1935) was President of the Public Service, Deputy Commissioner of Taxes and Stamps and President of the Marine Board in South Australia.

Seton Castle was built on the site of the Seton Palace, which formerly belonged to the Earls of Winton.

The Siam Chemicals Public Company (SCC) blends and trades chemicals, fertilisers and lubricants and manufactures basic chemicals for downstream industries such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, various bases and salts.

Siderodromophobia is the fear of trains, train trips or railways.

The Small West Siberian Railway is a narrow gauge miniature railway in the Russian city Novosibirsk.

Soda locomotives were a variant of fireless locomotives, in which steam was raised in a boiler, expanded through cylinders in the usual way, and then condensed in a tank of caustic soda that surrounded the boiler.

Spoorijzer was a narrow gauge railway importer and manufacturer in Delft, Netherlands.

Springdale, Nevada is a privately owned ghosttown in Nevada, USA, which is not accessible to the general public.

St. Kitts Scenic Railway is an 18 miles (29 km) long narrow gauge railway line along the coast line on the island of St Kitts with a track gauge of 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in).

The Stradbally Woodland Railway is a 0.4 km (¼ miles) long single-track 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railway line at Stradbally Hall in Stradbally, Co. Laois in Ireland.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten are a newspaper that is published in Stuttgart-Möhringen, Germany.

Tailored blanks are sheets, which are typically made from differnt alloys or thicknesses.

The Telford steam tram at the Telford Steam Railway runs on a 610 mm (2 ft) narrow gauge track.

The creation of the violin is a fairy tale of the Transsylvanian Roma.

Robert C. Thorne was an internationally recognised paleontologist.

The Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum is located in Threlkeld three miles (5 km) east of Keswick, in the heart of the Lake District in Cumbria.

The Timoleague and Courtmacsherry Railway was a 9 miles long light railway connecting Timoleague and Courtmacsherry.

A trolleyboat is an electrically driven boat on canals and particularly in canal tunnels. It takes its energy like a tram or trolleybus from one or two overhead wires respectively.

The Tübingen triangle is apart from the Penrose rhomb tilings and their variations, a classical candidate to model 5-fold (respectively 10-fold) quasicrystals.

The Tuhawaiki Point Lighthouse or Jack’s Point Lighthouse stands near to Timaru at the east coast of the South Island von New Zealand.

David Urquhart, Baron Tayside (1912-1975) was a Scottish business man and life peer.

The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.) is a German engineering association.

The Vedganga river is a river in India

The Warwickslade Cutting Railway was a light railway temporarily built to fill in the Warwickslade Cutting, a straight drainage ditch dug circa 1850 in the New Forest of south-east England, with imported gravel and clay.

Ernst Wiener Co., New York was a US-American locomotive manufacturer.

Alexander Wilson († 1922) was a supervisor in a Dundee jute mill for over 20 years.

The World Food Festival was held from 18 September to 27 October 2013 in Rotterdam.

The Yarlside Iron Mines tramway was built as an innovative railway from the Parkhouse Haematite Ore Mines to the Roose railway station on the Furness Railway, in North Lancashire.

Johannes Zollikofer (1633-1692) was a Swiss reformed vicar.

Ships and Maritime History[edit]

The shipyard A. & J. Inglis was set-up by Anthony Inglis and later managed by his son John Inglis. A selection of remarkable ships of A. & J. Inglis includes paddle steamers and turbine ships.

MV Clyde was built at A. & J. Inglis in Pointhouse, Glasgow, and equipped with engines by L. Gardner and Sons, Manchester.

PS Bruselas was built by A. & J. Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow, Scotland and launched in 1911.

PS Hankow was an iron paddle steamer built at A and J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow with Yard No. 107.

PS Pioneer was built by A. & J. Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow and launched for the David MacBrayne Ltd fleet.

PS Weeroona was launched in 1910. It was initially owned by Huddart Parker Ltd, Melbourne

SS Blanche was the first ship built at A and J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow and launched in 1863 with Yard No 1.

SS Brisbane was a 85.8 m long passenger, cargo and mail ship, built by A & J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow, launched in 1874.

SS Cheduba was the third ship built at A and J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow with Yard No 3.

SS Erl King was built at A and J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow and launched in 1865 and owned by Robertson & Co London. It got wrecked on Long Reef, Key West Florida.

SS Sirsa was a steamship built at A & J Inglis in 1883 and owned by the British India Steam Navigation Company.

SS Tavolara was built in May 1910. The ship was was sunk while being used under German flag as hospital ship Innsbruck.

TS Vanadis was a turbine yacht designed by Clinton Crane of Tams, Lemoine & Crane in New York, built at A. & J. Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow and launched in 1908.

Major contributions by NearEMPTiness[edit]

C. T. Abdurahim is a writer, religious scholar and educationist.

The Chemins de Fer de la Basse-Egypte owned and operated a network of up to seven sections of metre-gauge railway lines in the area of Mansourah in Egypt.

John Ewen Davidson (born 2 March 1841 in London; died 2 September 1923 in Oxford) was a pioneer sugar planter and miller in Queensland.

Engstingen is a municipality in the administrative region of Tübingen on the Swabian Jura plateau, about 15 km south of Reutlingen.

The Fayoum Light Railway was a 750 mm gauge Egyptian light railway, which was founded by a group of Egyptian Coptic investors.

Muqeem Shah is a town a in the Dera Ismail Khan District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan.

Hiranyakeshi river is a left-bank tributary of Ghataprabha River originating in the western ghats in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.

The Holy Island Waggonway was made up of three successive waggonways on the island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, England.

Karinkallathani is a village in Perinthalmanna taluk of Malappuram district of the Indian state of Kerala.

T. Narasapuram is a village and a mandal in West Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Bhayankavu Bhagavathi Temple is a famous Bhagavathi temple on the Alathiyoor Pallikadavu Road in Purathur, Tirur situated in Malappuram district.

Sardhar is a village located on Rajkot to Bhavnagar highway and 30 km (18.6 miles) away from Rajkot in the state of Gujarat, India.

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