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Jerzy B. Gajewski M.D. FRCSC is

a Professor of Urology and Pharmacology in Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is the Director of Neurourology and Urodynamic Program in the Department of Urology. He graduated recieving his Medical Doctorate from Medical Academy, Poznan, Poland in 1973 and pursued his urological training in Poland, Germany and Canada, before completing a fellowship in neurourology and urodynamics in Dalhousie University.

Research and Publications[edit]

His main research areas and publications are; voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence, interstitial cystitis, erectile dysfunction and andropause. He published over 50 papers and book chapters and had over 100 presentations on these topics including:

Canadian Urological Association[edit]

Dr. Jerzy B. Gajewski has been an active member of the Canadian Urological Association and most recently on June 30, 2009 he was hounoured from his peers with the responibility of President of the Canadian Urological Assoication.

Canadian Urological Association Mission Statement

To represent and provide a voice for all Canadian Urologists and to foster dedication of all members of the profession toward ensuring the highest possible standard of urologic care for Canadians.

Canadian Urological Association Goals:

  • To foster and promote excellence in urologic practice through education and research
  • To provide leadership in promoting evidence based clinical practice through the development of practice guidelines
  • To foster and promote life-long learning by Canadian urologists through continuous professional development
  • To provide leadership in public education for urologic diseases
  • To represent Canadian urology in developing and fostering partnerships while maintaining the highest educational and ethical standards
  • To represent the Canadian urologic community in relationships with national and international medical societies


The Canadian Continence Foundation[edit]

Dr. Jerzy B. Gajewski is a Board of Directors for the Canadian Continence Foundation.


To enhance the quality of life for people experiencing incontinence by helping, them and/or their caregivers, to confidently seek and access cures and treatment options. To this end, the Foundation will implement and encourage important public and professional education, support, advocacy and research to advance incontinence treatment and/or management.


Founded in 1986, The Canadian Continence Foundation (formerly The Simon Foundation for Continence Canada) is the only national non-profit organization serving the interest of people experiencing incontinence. The organization is led by people with incontinence and by professionals from all health disciplines. The Canadian Continence Foundation is supported by donations from the public healthcare professionals and private industry.


The Canadian Continence Foundation offers a wealth of information on incontinence. Books, videotapes, and newsletters are available. We operate a toll free number which is 1-800- 265- 9575.

Each year the Canadian Continence Foundation responds to thousands of requests for information and education from people experiencing incontinence, healthcare professionals, and industry.

The Foundation interacts with the media to increase public awareness and knowledge of incontinence and to encourage people to seek help. It also provides individuals with lists of specialists in their local area.

The Foundation initiated and now coordinates Incontinence Awareness Month in November of each year, promoting public and professional awareness-building and educational activities about incontinence around the country.

The Canadian Continence Foundation encourages and supports research to advance incontinence management/treatment.[2]

Board Member[edit]

Dr. Jerzy B. Gajewski is Past Chair of the Canadian Male Sexual Council, Past President of the Canadian Academy of Urological Surgeons, and past Chairman of 2nd North American Congress on the Aging Male in Montreal in 2007.


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