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"Unhindered by any form of referencing, one can claim anything".

Welcome to my user page! Face-smile.svg

My nickname is Nederlandse Leeuw, which means "Dutch Lion" in Dutch. I've got a BA in History; philosophy, science, skepticism and language are also among my top interests. I'm mainly active on the Dutch language Wikipedia, but I regularly do edits in other Wikipedias. Since 2014, I have become more active on English Wikipedia, often translating articles from Dutch to English and vice versa, sometimes together with others, in rare cases even resulting in a DYK. I'm passionate about providing correct and relevant information on a variety of topics, based on reliable sources.

Please leave messages to me on my user talk page.


Notice that many of these pages may have been started and/or primarily written by me, but were reviewed and revised by other Wikipedians, some on my request, others on their own judgement.

Het Denkgelag, a Belgian skeptical conference.
Religion and humanism
Medicine, health and environment
History and politics
EU Battlegroup sniper on exercise.
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Wars of succession used to rage across the Earth until c. 1900.