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Edna May in "The Belle of New York"

The Salvation Army has appeared in a number of films. There are some films in which the Salvation Army is a major theme, and there are others where it appears briefly or is mentioned. The Salvation Army filmography attempts to list all the films which the Salvation Army has appeared in.

In some films the Army is given an alternative name in order to avoid controversy. In the musical Guys and Dolls, for example, it is called the "Save A Soul Mission".


  • ABANDONED (1949) (also called Abandoned Woman) Jeanette Nolan stars as Major Ross in this film about a mother finding her illegitimate child.
  • AGAINST ALL ODDS (2003) British TV film about the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940, which shows bonneted Salvationists ministering to the returning troops as the disembark in British ports.
  • ALTARS IN THE STREET (2002) Starring Bill Cosby, a dramatic description of two inner-city children's lives. Produced by the Salvation Army in the USA.
  • AMERICA’S ANSWER: FOLLOWING THE FLEET TO FRANCE (1918) Administrative and engineering challenges faced by the United States Army and Navy during World War I are illustrated by the transportation of men and materials abroad. American activities in France include clearing land and constructing roads, railroads, and hospitals. The assistance programs of civilian groups such as the Red Cross, the YMCA and the Salvation Army are highlighted.
  • ANGEL OF BROADWAY, THE (1927) Glamorous Broadway actress Babe Scott (Leatrice Joy) is cast as a Salvation Army lass in her latest musical. For research purposes, she pays a visit to a Lower East Side Army Mission, dons a uniform, and goes to work on a street corner, complete with tambourine and contribution pot. This upsets her sweetheart Jerry Wilson (Victor Varconi), who feels that Babe is poking fun at the Army and its good works. But the lovers are reunited when Babe's experiences make her a better and more reverential person. Angel of Broadway was the last silent-film effort of pioneering female director Lois Weber.
  • ANNA LANS (1943) (US Title "The Sins of Anna Lans"). Swedish film with Salvation Army cameo
  • АРМИЯ СПАСЕНИЯ (2000) (US Title "Salvation Army"). Russian film directed by Eugene Meals
  • ARZT VON ST. PAULI, DER (1968) Film set in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, shows two Salvationists in the distance.
  • Austin Powers: Goldmember (2002) One more outing for Dr Evil's Council including the head of the “militant wing of the Salvation Army” (sic)
  • AVOVETEEN (1939) Kaarlo Saamio appears as a Salvationist in this Finnish film.


  • BABOUSKA (1980) BBC production which features Hanwell band (including Graham Wood[1]) carolling outside Ealing Broadway underground station in London.
  • BÄCKEREI ZÜRRER (1957) A Swiss black and white film showing Zurich Central Band carolling in a market place. In a later scene three Guitar Brigade members from the same corps can be see singing “Stille Nacht” together with one or two collectors in uniform.
  • Batman (1966) Batman attempts to dispose of a bomb in the ocean but his path is blocked by a marching Salvation Army band.
  • Battle of Britain (1969) Two cameos - one of a Salvation Army van at an Airfield, and the other of bonneted Salvationists ministering to the homeless at a Rest Centre during the Blitz. .
  • BEDAZZLED (2000) Whilst spying on one of Elliot's (Brendan Fraser) crushes, the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) reads from her diary and makes reference to bringing two men home where they "banged her like a Salvation Army drum".
  • BELLE OF NEW YORK, THE (1919) An old inventor is robbed of his inventions by an unscrupulous rich man. When the inventor dies, his daughter Violet (Marion Davies) goes to New York and joins the "Follies", where she is advertised as "The Belle of New York." The rich man's son is infatuated with Violet, and is introduced to her anonymously as Jack. When Violet learns of Jack's identity, she casts him off. He takes to drinking and she joins the Salvation Army. Jack is attacked in an underworld saloon just as Violet enters in Salvation Army attire. She nurses him at his home. When Jack's father discovers with whom Jack is in love, he begs forgiveness for the wrong he did Violet's father
  • Bernard and the Genie (1991) A Salvation Army band (comprising bandsmen from Croydon Citadel) is encountered carolling in the shopping precinct.
  • BIG PUNCH, THE (1921) Buck Jones stars as a divinity student jailed for a crime actually committed by his outlaw brother (Jack Curtis). Upon his release, Jones is befriended by Salvation Army girl Barbara Bedford and together the two manage to convert the lawless brother.
  • BIRTH OF A NEW AMERICA, THE(1934) Cameo appearance
  • BLESSING FROM ABOVE, A (1904) Cameo appearance
  • BLOD OCH ELD (1945) Swedish film in which Thomas Hell (played by Anders Henrikson) is a Salvation Army officer with religious doubts and questions concerning the meaning of his work. He meets Lili, an ex-prostitute, and falls in love with her.
  • BLOOD AND FIRE (1916) cameo appearance of the Salvation Army in this film
  • BLUE BONNET, THE (1919) Silent film featuring the work of the Salvation Army in France in the First World War. Billie Rhodes (as Ruth Drake) leads the cast.
  • BOWERY AT MIDNIGHT (1942) Béla Lugosi stars as Karl Wagner, the proprietor of a Salvation Army soup kitchen as a front for a criminal gang.
  • BRAVE DON’T CRY, THE (1952) The Salvation Army is shown comforting the bereaved following a mining disaster in Ayrshire.
  • Brazil (1985) A Salvation Army-style marching band is playing in the shopping district. The banner at the front reads "Consumers for Christ", with a picture of a dollar sign stamped on a Christian cross.
  • BUGLER OF SILENCE (2001) Short film of a Salvation Army family who loses a loved one in war. No dialogue.
  • BUtterfield 8 (1960) The Salvation Army is mentioned between a group of women discussing possible areas of good work.


  • Calendar Girls (2003) Captain Kenny Gardner, the officer at Keighley corps, made a small appearance in this film collecting in Skipton High Street.
  • CANADA VIGNETTES: CELEBRATION (1981) cameo appearance of the Salvation Army in this film
  • CAPITOL, THE (1919) Margaret Kennard (Leah Baird) takes her baby daughter Agnes and leaves her husband for James Carroll (Alexander Gaden). Upon discovering that Carroll is a thief, she leaves him, joins the Salvation Army and places Agnes in a convent.
  • CHRISTMAS CAROL (1994) Adult film in which the Salvation Army family-tracing service features.
  • CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY (2002) South African docu-drama about Christmas as it unfolds to a street child called Fuzi, who is sleeping on the pavement when a volunteer and two children ask him inside for a cup of coffee. Inside he finds the Johannesburg Salvation Army singing carols.
  • CHRISTMAS ON DIVISION STREET (1991) A Salvation Army band carolling is featured, with one of the cast (Badja Djola, playing Scorpio) playing with them.
  • CHRISTMAS STORY, A (1983) The Salvation Army's Northeast Ohio Youth Band appears (playing “Santa Claus is coming to Town”) in a Christmas parade.
  • The Cockleshell Heroes (1955) Travelling through Britain in German uniform, one of the actors is given a lift and alludes to his uniform as pertaining to the “Irish Salvation Army”.
  • COLD CHILLIN' (1989) Anti-gang and drug prevention movie made for the Salvation Army in Denver, Colorado. The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center is a haven for street youth where counseling is offered from Salvationists.
  • COMPLETE SURRENDERsee Laughing Sinners.
  • CONNECTION, THE (1962) In this film about heroin addicts, Barbara Winchester plays “Sister Salvation”
  • CORRI, UOMO, CORRI (1968) (U.S. Title Run Man Run) Italian western with Linda Veras playing Penny, a Salvationist turned Gold hunter.



  • Elmer Gantry (1960) Mary Adams Hayes portrays a Salvation Army worker.
  • Emperor of the North Pole (1973) This film features a male cornet player, two women playing tambourines and one a drum, and about 4-5 others, all in Salvation Army uniform.
  • ENEMIES OF THE PUBLIC - see The Public Enemy
  • Entrapment's (1999) A Salvation Army band is playing Christmas carols outside a building in London in which Sean Connery's character enters.
  • EPSTEINS NACHT (2002) German film with a cameo appearance
  • EXPIRED (2007) A Salvation Army band can be seen at a shopping center.


  • FALLENDE STERN, DER (1950) (US Title, The Falling Star) German film about a comet on collision course with the earth, has a scene depicting a Salvation Army open air. Eva Vaitl stars as a Salvation Army officer and Karl Wilderoder is seen playing his accordion.
  • FALLING IN LOVE (1984) A Christmas movie featuring New York Central Citadel band playing outside a department store. The first time we see them they are playing “Deck the Halls” – the second time “Hark the Herald”.
  • FALLING STAR, THE – see Der Fallende Stern
  • FRINGLE, THE (2001) A children's film about God's love based on the book “Booth Tucker and the Fringle” by Commissioner Doris Noland, and produced by the Salvation Army in the USA.


  • GAILY, GAILY (1969) Film about a brothel in Chicago. One of the prostitutes, played by Margot Kidder, quits her wicked ways and joins the Salvation Army.
  • GET READY TO BE BOYZVOICED (2000) Norwegian film about teenage pop features Trond Høvik as a Salvation Army officer.
  • GIANT KILLER - see Impatto Mortale
  • GOIN’ DOWN THE ROAD (1970) Canadian road movie with a cameo Salvation Army appearance.
  • GOLDEN BRAID, THE (1990) Gosia Dobrowolska features as Therese, the wife of a clueless Salvation Army major, who has a relationship with a clockmaker.
  • GOOD-BYE KISS, THE (1928) Sally (Sally Eilers), Bill's fiancée, stows away on his ship to Europe when he is drafted into the A.E.F. Sympathetic Salvation Army workers enlist Sally when she is discovered, and she accompanies Bill's unit when they go to the front. Bill (played by Matty Kemp) finds he is a coward when faced with combat duty, but Sally shames him into becoming a hero during an air raid on Paris. He ferrets out a German spy and saves his pals from being destroyed by the enemy.
  • GRAND MEMORIAL SERVICE (1908) Film produced by the Limelight Department in Australia of a funeral. The funeral was held at the Kew Cemetery in Melbourne on the death of Major Kenneth McLeod the Director of the Bayswater Boys Home. It includes shots of Commissioner Thomas McKie assisting McLeod's widow into the carriage.
  • GREAT DEPRESSION, THE (1993) Docu-drama highlighting the response of people to a crisis.
clip from “A Gutter Magdalene”
  • GUTTER MAGDALENE, A (1916) Silent film starring Fannie Ward as a country lass named Maria, who is lured to New York under false pretences. In New York she is forced to work for slick cardsharp Jack Morgan played by Charles West. When a young Westerner named Steve Boyce (played by Jack Dean) is seriously injured in a contretemps with Morgan, Maria escapes the gambler's clutches and joins the Salvation Army.


  • HAPPY END, THE (1979) German TV movie based on the musical by Bertolt Brecht. The plot pits organised crime against the Salvation Army. Lieutenant Lilian Holiday makes an attempt to reform a group of gangsters, but is thrown out of the Army because they fear she is too close to them. The gang rob a bank, and give the money to Lilian, and together they form their own Salvation Army corps aimed at saving lost capitalists.
  • Heavens Above! (1963) During the mêlées in the market place, the Orbeston Parva corps (complete with flag) march into the crowd. Ian Wilson plays the Salvation Army Major. There is also a cameo in the opening sequence showing an open-air meeting in progress.
  • HEILSARMEE, DIE (1924) German silent documentary film directed by Gertrud Dav.
  • HELL’S OASIS (1920) James Hardy (Hal Wilson) and his daughter Mary (Betty Brown), both devoted Salvation Army pioneers, are crossing the desert accompanied by Dick (Allen Smith), a small boy, and his mother, when they are attacked by Hawk Allen and his outlaws. They are rescued by cowboy Bob Spaulding, who leads them to the town of Little Hell, where their evangelistic presence is met by opposition from the citizenry. The Hardys take over an abandoned church, and Mary attracts the attention of dance hall owner Wolf Sims who, perceiving Spaulding as a threat, determines to eliminate the cowboy. One night the church is burned and Hardy is shot. Finding Spaulding's hat nearby, Sims and his gang accuse the cowboy of the crime, after which he is imprisoned. Aided by the dancer, Luna, Spaulding escapes in time to rescue Mary from Sims's assault. In the battle between the two men, Sims is mortally beaten and on his death bed confesses that he was responsible for the fire and Hardy's death, as well as revealing that he is little Dick's father. Thus cleared, Spaulding becomes the leader of the new church, aided by Mary, his new bride.
  • HER ESCAPE (1914) Tom Walsh and his son Pete are crooks, but his daughter Pauline (played by Pauline Bush) is basically a good girl. One day when she is acting as a look out, she encounters some Salvation Army singers who had a tract on leading a good life. She quits the life of crime and moves to an upmarket part of town to start a new life.
  • HIS LAST HAUL (1928) Seena Owen stars as a reformed crook who decides to save her soul by joining the Salvation Army. Unfortunately, Owen is still wanted by the Law, so she has quite a time hiding out from the authorities. Still, she manages to convince petty-thief Tom Moore to change his crooked ways -- but not before Moore attempts one last burglary while dressed in a Santa Claus suit!
  • Hot Lead and Cold Feet (1978) Formulaic comedy starring Jim Dale who plays a Salvationist from Philadelphia (Brother Eli) who takes on his twin brother in a serious of contests to take control of the Midwest town of Bloodshy. Also in the film are Michael Sharrett as Brother Marcus, Ed Bakey as Brother Joshua and Debbie Lytton as Sister Roxanne.
  • HOW COULD YOU, JEAN? (1918) When Jean Mackaye (played by Mary Pickford), a pretty and resourceful young woman, discovers that she has lost her fortune, she dresses in Salvation Army clothing and secures a job in someone's home as a Swedish cook.
  • HUMAN WREAKAGE (1923) Brigadier C R Boyd appears in this film about the evils of drugs.


  • IT ALWAYS RAINS ON A SUNDAY (1947) A British black and white film starring Googie Withers in a seedy city suburb drama, featuring a glimpse of a well-attended Army open-air meeting down a rainy backstreet of terraced houses.
  • IMPATTO MORTALE (1984) (English Title Giant Killer) Italian film which depicts a Salvation Army band being drenched by a broken fire hydrant.


  • Jeffrey (1995) There is a poster for the film Guys and Dolls in a Priest's confessional box.
  • Joe the Turk (2000) Cartoon about this colourful character from the Army's past, premiered at the Millennium Congress, 2000, in Atlanta.
  • The Journey (1959) Film set in Hungary in 1956, at the time of the Russian invasion. A group of foreigners are held by Russian forces at the border (Yul Brynner plays the Russian commander) – two are heard to say “we are not being held up by the Salvation Army”
  • Just Ask for Diamond (1988) in the closing sequence of this film the dulcet tones of a Salvation Army band carolling can be heard.


  • Kettles (2001) A reality show which becomes a comedy in the vein of the film "Cops". Shows a behind-the-scenes encounter of the age old tradition of bell ringing.
  • King Kong (2005) In the opening scenes of the city, Salvation Army soldiers can be seen distributing food in a soup kitchen depicting the Army's work during the depression.
  • Klondike Annie (1936) Mae West is a music hall performer who has to impersonate a Salvation Army missionary.
  • K-PAX (2001) Kevin Spacey alludes to being from outer space when really he is trying to cover his past. Jeff Bridges tracks down his some of his past to a Salvation Army shelter from a pencil (in Spacey's possession) which came from the shelter, using the Army's website.


  • Last Holiday, (2006) Starring Queen Latifah, a line from the movie quotes,"Are you running to be the next General of The Salvation Army?"
  • LAST OF THE BLOND BOMBSHELLS, THE (2000) June Whitfield plays Annie, a trombonist in a WW2 jazz band who has subsequently joined the Salvation Army.
  • LAUGHING SINNERS (1931) (also known as Complete Surrender) Clark Gable plays Carl Loomis, a Salvationist who befriends Ivy Stevens (Joan Crawford) an entertainer on the verge of suicide, who goes on the join the mission.
  • LAW OF THE TONG (1931) William Mahlen appears in this film as Captain McGregor.
  • The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) Bob Hope creates a scam of bell ringers to raise money for a gambling bet gone wrong. The song "Silver Bells" is introduced to the world.
  • LEMONADE JOE – see Limonádový Joe Aneb Koňská Opera.
  • LIEBE DEINE NÄCHSTE! {1998) (US Title, Love Your Next One!) Lieutenant Josephine (Lea Mornar) is a new soldier with the Salvation Army, and she's sent on a mission to save souls and do good works in Berlin, paired with her new associate, Lieutenant Isolde (Heike Makatsch). Berlin proves to be bigger, dirtier and more frightening than they expected, and the mission where they stay is an ominous hovel populated by alcoholic ne'er-do-wells. Not long after they arrive, the pair encounter Tristan (Moritz Bleibtreu), a powerful and morally-elastic management consultant who takes one look at Jospehine and immediately sees her as a piece of property he'd like to acquire.
  • Life (1999) Mention of Salvation Army bell ringers
  • Like Mike (2002) The rapper Lil Bow Wow stars in this movie. In one scene he is playing basketball in a pair of trainers from the Salvation Army with the initials “MJ” inside them. He becomes a basketball superstar after this.
  • Lemonade Joe (1964) (US Title, Lemonade Joe) Czechoslovakia spoof Western, set in the town of Stetson City, it charts the triumph of good over evil as the protagonists fight over the right to promote whisky or lemonade and compete for the hand of Winifred Goodman, played by Olga Schoberová, a member of the Salvation Army.
  • LITTLE GIRL THAT HE FORGOT, THE (1915) June Holly (played by Beulah Poynter) kills her baby by dropping it. Accused of infanticide she is sentenced to death by hanging. Through the intervention of Salvationist Martha Green, she is pardoned on the gallows.
  • LITTLE MIRACLE, A (1990) Melinda McGraw stars as Captain Laura Downie, a Salvation Army officer trying to save an Army homeless shelter from being torn down on Christmas Eve and developed by a greedy businessman.
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) A Christmas collecting kettle is seen during a gun-fight on a Railway Station concourse.
  • Lord of War (2005) Mention of selling arms to every army in the world except the Salvation Army
  • LOVE YOUR NEXT ONE! - see Liebe deine Nächste!
  • LULU – see Pandora's Box.


  • MAKE MINE MINK (1960) A comedy about mink thieves which shows Terry Thomas trying to “fence” a mink at a Salvation Army shelter.
  • MAKING A MAN (1922) Silent film based on the book “Humanising Mr Winsby”, featuring Jack Holt playing Horace Winsby, who becomes a member of the Salvation Army
  • MALTA STORY, THE (1953) Glimpse of the Red Shield canteen
  • MELBOURNE STREET SCENE (1897) Produced by the Limelight Department of Australia and includes a scene where Salvation Army children are doing club swinging exercises outside the Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
  • MERRY MISHAPS OF MR BEAN, THE (1992) Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is seen conducting a Salvation Army band which is carolling.
  • The Man Without a Past (2002) (English titleThe Man Without a Past) Critics at the New York Film Festival 2002 described this Finnish production as “a marvellously droll film that's as quiet as it is touching, funny, and sweet”. The nameless protagonist, played by Markku Peltola, arrives in Helsinki just to be beaten to near-death by muggers. When he regains consciousness, he finds that he has lost his memory. Aided by the downtrodden of Helsinki, he moves into an empty container at the dockside, plants potatoes, listens to “Rhythm and Blues” on a found jukebox, and falls in love with Irma, a Salvation Army soup kitchen volunteer (Kati Outinen). Peter von Bagh plays a Salvation Army officer, and Marko Haavisto, Jouni Saarnio, Jukka Teerisaari and Jyrki Telila play members of an Army band.
  • MIGHTY MCGURK, THE (1947) McGurk (Wallace Beery) is a drunken, broken-down ex-prize-fighter, now employed as a chucker-out at the Bowery saloon owned by Mike Glenson (played by Edward Arnold). McGurk trades insults with Mamie Steeple, the local pawnbroker (Aline MacMahon). Glenson's daughter Caroline is in love with Johnny, a roughly handsome Salvation Army officer who wants to close down all the saloons. Naturally, Caroline's publican father opposes the romance.
  • Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Two lawyers are discussing whether Santa Claus exists and one asks “what about the Salvation Army? Why they’ve got a Santa Claus on every corner and they’re taking a fortune”.
  • MIRACLE WOMAN, THE (1931) Cameo Salvation Army appearance
  • MOR GIFTER SIG (1979), Serie in Swedish Television based on the novel with same name from 1936 (In English: My Mother Gets Married) of Moa Martinson. A similar organisation called "Sprängningsbataljonen" are singing.
  • MR KREUGER'S CHRISTMAS (1980) Salvation Army Christmas carollers are invited into Mr Kreuger's house and given hot chocolate to drink.
  • MY BIG FAT INGROWN TOE (2003) Documentary of a real life Salvation Army member having his ingrown toe removed. Graphic for blood.


  • NAVY BLUE (1979) Film about sailors on leave shows a Salvation Army Santa.


  • OH! QUEL BEAU JOUR (1995) O, was für ein wunderbarer Tag! a Swiss documentary film about the Salvation Army training college in Basel.
  • On the Beach (1959) A post-World War III film where Australia has survived the nuclear holocaust temporarily. John Carson plays a Salvation Army preacher. The New York Staff Band Chorus also sing “There's Still Time Brother”, which made no 1 in the pop charts briefly in some American cities.
  • OVER THERE: HELL AND BACK WITH THE ALLIES (1934) Cameo Salvation Army Appearance.
  • Overboard (1987) Dean Proffitt says "...and I want you to take them shopping at the Salvation Army".


  • Pandora's Box (1929) (also known as Lulu) Silent film set in London during the time of Jack the Ripper features a Salvation Army band on the march.
  • PETAL ON THE CURRENT, THE (1919) After a drinking binge, Stella Schump (Mary MacLaren) finds herself in jail. Upon release from jail Stella wanders the streets until she meets John Gilley who takes her to a Salvation Army home.
  • PHANTOM CART (1921) Swedish short film about Salvationist Edith (Hilda Borström), herself seriously ill, rescuing a tramp addicted to drink from the gutter on New Years Eve.
  • PHANTOM WAGON, THE – see La Charrette Fantôme.
  • PIN-UP (1960) Swedish short film which follows an adolescent boy who assumes that an attractive woman who moves into the area is a glamour model. The woman offers to play a guitar for the boy and his friends, and emerges, much to their surprise, in Salvation Army uniform.
  • POWER OF EVIL, THE (1916) Millionaire playboy Stuart Merwin (Henry King) reforms immediately after marriage, but his wife Laurine (Marguerite Nichols) has no interest in a sedate lifestyle and so leaves him for weeks at a time while she sees other men. While Laurine is away on a binge, Stuart hits Jeano (Lilian West) with his car, and brings her back to his home to recuperate. Laurine returns, and seeing Stuart and Jeano together, she suspects the worst, and insists on a divorce. Heartbroken, Stuart reverts to his old habits, but Jeano, now healthy, convinces him to reform once again. Then, inspired by Jeano, Stuart becomes a preacher in the Salvation Army and donates all of his money to that organisation, after which he and Jeano start preparing for their marriage.
  • PRINTER LIFTERS (2002) Shot in the Bay Area of Northern California, a young group of Salvation Army filmmakers lift printers in their backyard to express their inner angst. Starring Luke Rocheleau as a professional printer lifter under the direction of Chris Toy.
  • PRISON GATE BRIGADE (1898) Film produced by the Limelight Department in Australia and shows Salvationists meeting a released prisoner at the jail gates.
  • The Public Enemy (1931) (UK title: Enemies of the Public) A Salvation Army band is shown marching in 1909 Chicago in the opening sequence.



  • RED SPIDER, THE (1988) In this film about a serial killer who uses a spider as his calling card, Frank C Turner appears as a Salvationist.
  • Revolution (2004) Led by filmmaker Fulton Hawk, the Revolution will not be televised. Video short to promote the synergy and vibrancy of a new generation and sound of Salvationists.
  • RUN MAN RUN - see Corri, uomo, corri.


  • Saga of an Army [----] There is a scene in which the American forces march off to War during the First World War, with some Salvationists gleefully cheering them on their way.
  • The Saint (1997) Roger Moore is a radio announcer, telling of a donation from the “baddy” Ivan Tretiak, to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
  • Salvation (2001) Newfoundland filmmaker Rosemary House's film looks at front-line workers who serve the needy under the umbrella of the Salvation Army, offering a glimpse into the hearts and minds of people on both sides of the street, set in downtown Toronto at Christmas.
  • Salvation Army - see Армия Спасения
  • Salvation Joan (1916) Edna May stars as Joan Crawford, a society belle who secretly performs charity work in the slums of London with the Salvation Army. While tending to the unfortunate, Joan takes a special interest in a handsome derelict named Bill -- never suspecting that "Bill" is actually John Hilton, an underground operative of the British secret service. Things start percolating when Hilton helps to break up an espionage ring headed by Joan's society fiancée Philip Ralston, rescuing the heroine and winning her love in virtually the same breath.
  • Salvation Nell (1915) Young Nell (Beatrice Michelena) loses her job and home and her father is sent to prison. She joins the Salvation Army and tries to redeem him when he comes out bent on continuing his life of crime. The Army officer, Major Williams is played by Andrew Robson. Based on a book by Edward Sheldon.
  • Salvation Rose (1919) Another silent film portraying the Salvation Army
  • San Francisco (1936) A Clark Gable film the rivalry between a music hall and the opera in San Francisco, there are two Salvation Army cameos in the sequence following the 1906 earthquake. The first shows a Salvation Army cart driving by someone in overalls and an Army cap. On the wagon is Carl Stockdale playing a Major who asks Clark Gable if he is all right. The second cameo features an unnamed woman Salvationist kneeling beside a dying man in one of the rescue centres.
  • She Done Him Wrong (1933) Cary Grant stars as Captain Cummings, a Salvation Army officer who tries to reform Mae West's character. Mae West stars as the owner of a bar (Lou) who falls in love with him with disastrous consequences. This is the film where Mae West utters the famous words “Come Up and See Me Sometime”.
  • Shifting Sands (1918) Marcia Gray (Gloria Swanson) is a penniless artist who fends off a rape, only to land in prison when the rapist frames her for robbery. Upon release she joins the Salvation Army and meets and marries a wealthy young man. But her past returns to haunt her.
  • The Sin of Anna Lans - see Anna Lans
  • Sleepers (1996) In this film is a flippant comment like “who are you – the Salvation Army?” because someone showed concern and sympathy to another. Later in the movie someone asks why there isn’t a Salvation Navy.
  • Social Salvation (1898) One of the earliest films produced by the Limelight Department in Australia, this film looks at various aspects of Salvation Army social work.
  • Soldiers of the Cross (1900) Film produced by the Limelight Department in Australia, majoring on Christian martyrdom through the ages. It was designed to be shown to recruit new officer trainees to the training garrison in Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. The Army's Girls Home at Murrumbeena was shown in the film.
  • The Spirit of the Sea (1924) Johnnie Gains (played by Johnnie Walker), son of a farming couple, is industrious and imbued with a spirit of sacrifice. Rejected for military service because of an eye injury, he enlists in the Salvation Army. His indolent brother marries but is goaded into enlisting and dies on the battlefield. The parents are evicted from their home by the dead son's widow, but Johnnie returns and restores the homestead to them.
  • Stalag 17 (1953) Stefton says "This ain't no Salvation Army - this is everybody for himself, dog eat dog."
  • The Street of Sin (1928) This was the final American film of Scandinavian director Mauritz Stiller. The story is set in the seamy Soho section of London, where burglar Basher Bill (Emil Jannings) shares bed and board with his sluttish girlfriend Annie (Olga Baclanova). As wicked as they come, Bill softens when he meets virtuous Salvation Army lass Elizabeth (Fay Wray). He helps her take care of a group of orphans, abandoned in the Army's care. The jealous Annie, assuming (correctly) that her boyfriend's interest in Elizabeth goes far beyond sympathy, betrays Bill to the police. Mortally wounded in the climactic gun battle, Bill holds no grudge against Annie: in fact, as he breathes his last, he advises her to save her soul by joining the Salvation Army -- which she does!
  • Syncopation (1942) Musical film, with cameo Salvation Army appearance.


  • TERROR, THE (1917) Annie Mangan (Virginia Lee) is the Salvationist girlfriend of a hired hit-man who's target is the District Attorney.
  • Threads (1983) A salvation army band is seen marching in the backround during an anti-nuclear peace demonstration
  • Three Days of the Condor (1975) CIA action movie set in New York in the run-up to Christmas. The inevitable Salvation Army band is seen carolling in the closing scene.
  • Time Bandits (1981) A young boy accidentally joins a band of dwarves as they jump from time-period to time-period looking for treasure to steal. Frances de la Tour stars as a Salvation Army Major (see also To the Devil a Daughter).
  • Titanic, (1997) A couple uniformed Salvationists are in a crowd from far-away farewelling people. William Thomas Stead, a long-time Army friend and well-known pundit, was on the fateful journey and did not survive.
  • TIME OF LIFE, THE (1948) In this James Cagney film, Eddie Borden features as a Salvation Army man and Rena Case as a Salvation Army woman who hold an open-air service outside the saloon bar where all the action takes place.
  • To the Devil a Daughter (1976) A film in which an American occult novelist clashes with a group of satanists in the battle for the soul of a young girl; Frances de la Tour stars as a Salvation Army Major (see also Time Bandits).
  • TOY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (2004) Made-for-television film about the Salvation Army's Toy Mountain drive in Canada.
  • TROUBLE HUNTER (1920) Comedy starring Jimmy Aubrey, whose character is referred to as merely "a social error." Down-and-out, Jimmy lusts after the soup that is being dished up at an underground cabaret, called the Thalia. Inside, a bouncer (Oliver Hardy) is kicking out a patron who tried paying his tab with a fake coin. When a Salvation Army girl (Evelyn Nelson) comes by, the bouncer hands her the counterfeit coin. She, in turn, hands it to Jimmy so he can feed himself. Jimmy rushes into the Thalia, only to be thrown out by the bouncer because of the fake coin. An innocent young girl (Kathleen Myers) arrives in search of her brother, and Jimmy saves her from the denizens of the rough neighbourhood. They arrive at the Thalia, where the bouncer is trying to have his way with the Salvation Army girl. Disaster for Jimmy is averted when it turns out that the bouncer is the brother of the young girl. In the end, both the bouncer and Jimmy join the Salvation Army.
  • TRUTH AFLAME (2001) A short film (9 minutes) made by the Salvation Army in the USA, featuring the USA Eastern Territory in the year 2025.
  • TUNICON (1993) A Salvation Army brand introduced by 2 young filmmakers.
  • TURN THE KEY SOFTLY (1953) A bus conductor is mistaken for wearing a Salvation Army uniform.
  • 24 NIGHTS (1999) When 4-year old Jonathan (played by Paul Tiesler) encounters a Salvation Army Santa (David Dossey) he is instilled with a lifelong belief in Santa Claus. The film goes on to explore his search for love as an adult, during which he writes to Santa.


  • UNSUNG (2002) This is the story of the unsung servants behind the heroes of September 11th. This video provides eyewitness accounts from survivors and rescue workers of The Salvation Army's relief work at Ground Zero.



  • The War Game (1965) As tensions mount over an impending nuclear war, the Salvation Army marches, complete with flag, past a demonstration.
  • Waterloo Bridge (1940) A bonneted Salvationist is seen buying a ticket at a train station.
  • Whistle Down the Wind (1961) A band made up of officers from the North West Division (including Alfred Miskin, Mervyn Woodman, Leslie Green, Eileen King, Phyllis Jones and Norman Clawley) features in the opening sequence. Patricia Hereghan also stars as a Salvation Army girl, who is handed a collecting box by Margaret Atkins (who at the time was working at the Salvation Army's local headquarters in Preston).
  • Why Am I Ringing a Bell (1992) The inner thoughts of Salvation Army Officers' kids and bell ringers. On street corners across the world, we begin to understand the heart and art of becoming exposed to the elements while raising money for charity. A feel good film.
  • A Woman of Substance (1983) Two Salvation Army ladies in bonnets pass a recruiting office in World War I.
  • Worms 2 (1997) Another appearance by the "military wing of the Salvation Army" (sic)



  • YOUNGEST PROFESSION (1943) Cameo Salvation Army appearance
  • YOUTHQUAKE (1977) Documentary film which holds the premise that the revolutionary and rebellious drug-using hippies of the 1960s had, by the 1970s, dropped all that radicalism in favour of a religious quest. Among the religious groups examined is the Salvation Army.
  • YRROL (1994) In this Swedish comedy, Suzanne Reuter, Ulla Shoog, Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson and Johan Ulverson, appear as Salvationists, amongst a host of other roles.



A number of films were produced by the Salvation Army's Limelight Department in Australia, but do not show Salvation Army activity, including:

  • Boer War Troops (1900)
  • Bushranging in North Queensland (1904)
  • Federation (1901)
  • Heroes of the Cross (1908)
  • The Opening of Federal Parliament and Royal Visit (1901)
  • The Scottish Covenanters (1909)
  • Swallow and Ariell's Employees (1905)
  • Under Southern Skies (1902)


  1. ^ information supplied by Graham Wood

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