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This is me in front of my computer.

Neffyring a Wikipedia editor. My real name is Nefren Roy Lobitaña. I live in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Well, I can't tell you my real address since these days, personal info on the net, open to public, makes me restless at night. I am now a second-year high school student.

Interests, Hobbies, Likes, Dislikes, etc.[edit]

Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user loves to read.
Pencil openclipart.png This user loves to write.
Tribar.png This user enjoys optical illusions, especially the impossible constructions of M.C. Escher.

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I love reading. Name books, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, yearbooks, la la la, anything I could lay my hands on! I love reading novels too. Call my favorites as Ring (Koji Suzuki) & Harry Potter series. I'm also a Readers Digest reader, (haha). I also spend some time reading my encyclopedias at home. I read it when I'm bored or when I'm pretty curious about a topic. In general, I love to read everything, but the least likely, I don't want to read newspapers, it destroys my day.

If i do love reading, so do writing. I love to write some essays when I have time. But most of the time, I write stories, mainly novelizations of my favorite movies.

I also love looking at those optical illusions. Tricks the eye. Boggles the mind.

Speaking of movies, I love watching movies. I am a diverse watcher. I love comedy, romance, horror, suspense, action genres. I love films in the way that they meets the eye. The atmosphere, the effects, it makes me thrilled to see films which almost look real. I also love the story that that drives the movie. A movie is nothing without a good story.

For some reasons that I'm interested in movies, I'm also interested with making short movies. I make some horror shorts which I'd really enjoy watching...

And when there are no books to read, papers to write on, movies to watch and a camera to use, my hands play on my Rubik's cube. A genuine puzzle of all sorts, the Rubik's cube challenges my mind with the difficulty of solving it.

Skills and Expertise[edit]

Here I will describe my skills and expertise related to my Wikipedia editing work. I this might help readers or editors to communicate with me and for them to understand my levels of ability.


en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
tl Ang tagagamit na ito ay katutubong tagapagsalita ng Tagalog.
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
ilo-4 Daytoy nga agar-aramat ket makapagsao iti Iloko iti kasla patneng nga agpang.
ceb-2 Kining maong gumagamit makatampo og tunga-tunga nga matang sa Sinugboanon.
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As a native Filipino, I readily understand Tagalog Language and some of its dialect, including Ilocano and Visayan. I can also understand the idioms and slangs of the Tagalog language, the colloquials and informals. As a proof of my expertise in Tagalog, here is a translation of the first sentence from this paragraph. Bilang isang Pilipino, madali kong naiintindihan ang Wikang Pilipino at ilang dialecto, kabilang ang Ilokano at Bisaya.

I am also an advanced English speaker. Taught as a subject in our school, I've learned a lot of it since early in my schooling. With an advanced knowledge with the English language, I can understand its idioms, slangs, colloquials, informals, figures of speech etc. But even though I'm an advanced speaker, I still commit errors when using this language, especially grammar. == Well, since I've watched a lot of horror movies and anime from Japan, I've quite mastered some of it. Because of it, I am now doing Japanese studies. Basically, I can speak simple Japanese, write some Kanji, some Hiragana and little of Katakana. I've mastered some greetings, a little bit of grammar and thats all. Strictly speaking, I'm just a beginner.

Greek, I really don't understand it at all. But somehow, I've memorized most of its alphabet so I could read some Greek writings without understanding its meaning.

As I've mentioned ago, I can understand Ilocano dialect since, for most of the time I stayed in the Philippines, I spent most of it in Ilocos Norte. Here is a translation of the preceding sentence. Kas imbagak tattay, makaawat nak ti Iloko ket, it bayag na nga agbibiyag nak ditoy Pilipinas, ti kaaat-tiduganna ket didyay Ilocos Norte.

As with Ilocano, I can also understand some Cebuano since both of my parents speak the dialect.

Field of Studies[edit]

Field of Studies
Crab Nebula.jpg This user is an astronomer.
Computer n screen.svg This user is interested in computer science.
Rutherford atom.svg This user has a keen interest in physics.
BIO This user's favourite subject is Biology.

I am now a science high school student. I am proficient in the field of Sciences. My main areas of interest are Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences and Physics. My interest with computers sparked my interest in Computer Science. From what I've learned from our Computer Science lessons at school, my computer skills were now more advanced. Reading manuals also helped me from learning the basic terms to those complicated programs(anyway, my programming skills are just basic so I look forward learning more). Mostly, I do web designing (hobby), programming, and of course, editing Wikipedia. Another reason behind why I'm interested with it is because I dream that one day, I can solve the worlds problems with malware and help people from recovering from the fuss created by these programs.

I also loved Earth Sciences, mainly astronomy. The reason behind this was, I was just really fascinated with the skies. The mystery and brilliance that surrounds the vast field of stars enticed me to look and study them. Since then, I've learned that stars are not forever, planets are from clouds, other "Solar Systems" like us exist etc. My knowledge from these started from my encyclopedia which I read if I need to fill my hunger for knowledge. Because of that, I've learned so much things.

The reason why I'm interested with Physics was also just, a mere fascination. Enthralled by theories of physicists, from structure of atoms to time dilation, this field of Science was always my thought of fiction. I love reading theories for sure, especially Relativity.

My Wikipedia Journal[edit]

This section, My Wikipedia Journal, is the place where I describe my activities related to Wikipedia (as I read in the Help Page, users can't turn this page into a blog of all my exps).


(Here I will list my Top 5 Edits for this week. For my full list of Edits, click here.)

08:56, 2 September 2007 (hist) (diff) The Phone (Korean horror movie)‎ (←Created page with '==The Phone== The Phone, is a Korean horror movie about a haunted cellphone number. It is said that whoever answers the "death call" wil die upon answering the call...')

03:44, 9 September 2007 (hist) (diff) Ring Trilogy‎ (←Created page with 'The Ring Trilogy is a series of novels created by Koji Suzuki. It is comprised by three interrelated stories, Ringu (Ring), Rasen (Spiral) and Rupu (Loop). Suzu...')

05:48, 21 May 2008 (hist) (diff) User:Neffyring‎ (→Skills and Expertise)

07:46, 26 May 2008 (hist) (diff) ILOVEYOU‎ (→Effects) (top)

01:50, 29 May 2008 (hist) (diff) Ring (film)‎ (→Production)

10:52, 19 May 2008 (hist) (diff) Talk:Mariano Marcos State University‎ ("talk...please expand") (top)

10:46, 19 May 2008 (hist) (diff) Mariano Marcos State University‎ ("please expand!")

Future Activities[edit]

  • Find some way to expand the article "Mariano Marcos State University". That's obvious from my "Contributions" section.
  • Add information about the town Paoay, Ilocos Norte.
  • Add some plot to movies I've watched.
  • Request for revival of WikiProject Malware.
  • Add citations to certain unverified articles.
  • Help expand stubs.
  • Take up additional tutorials for Wiki editing


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