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Hi... This is my page.[edit]

I suppose I should type a brief intro here. Maybe later.

Things that I'm likely to comment on:[edit]

  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Small towns in Indiana, like Coatesville or Terre Haute
  • Japanese stuff (especially things in Sendai or soccer-related)
    • Now, I'm preoccupied with making copyfree maps, and editing train stuff (see below)
  • Computers
  • Microprocessor design
  • Piano
  • 80s trivia or music
  • Anything random that pops up as a result of the above or by the random article link

Japanese Railway Templates[edit]

removed out-dated info. Many lines are complete now, thanks to the ongoing efforts of WP:TIJ.

Soccer team templates[edit]

User:Neier/Soccer templates - a compendium of discussions about various soccer team templates

My sandboxes[edit]

User:Neier/Sandbox/TrainList User:Neier/Sandbox

  • {{JapanTrainCite1988}} with page number as parameter
  • JR全線全駅ステーション倶楽部編(上) [Complete JR Line/Station Compendium (Vol. 1)] (in Japanese). Tokyo, Japan: Bunshun Bunko. September 1988. p. 1-1000. ISBN 4-16-748701-2.
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