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Howdy, hello, and salutations.

My name is Jeff Harris, an unoriginal and quite ordinary name that has graced the credits on numerous shows such Roseanne and Diff'rent Strokes (I'm not that guy) and in the sports pages courtesy of a Seattle Mariners ballplayer (I'm not that guy either). And I didn't get beat by a dead guy in an Arizona town election.

So, around here at Wikipedia and throughout the Internet, I usually go by the nickname Nemalki, which is based on a superhero comic book character I created back in 1991 back in junior high school (his world will soon one day). I found Wikipedia after watching a TechTV show that no longer airs, and I haven't looked back.

About Me[edit]

I'm an animation historian with his own webpage focused on criticism and appreciation of action animation, among other forms. I've been chronicling the history of Cartoon Network's Toonami block online since 1998 and have contributed to both the Cartoon Network and Toonami entries at Wikipedia.

My site, The X Bridge has evolved over the years providing commentary about the animation industry, the outlets that present them, and . Now entering its 13th year, I'm presenting a serial series, Pinto Future, updating every Wednesday. More stories are on the horizon, so stay tuned.

I'm also a comic book writer/artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Old Dominion University. I'm currently developing a quartet of comic titles which will somehow find a way on a computer screen before the end of the world.

I'll talk more later on.


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