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IT Infrastructure Architecture[edit]

Patterns and Definitions[edit]

Architectural pattern
Concurrency (computer science)
Disaster recovery
Failure rate
Fault-tolerant design
Mean time between failures
Mean time to recovery
Mean time to repair
Non-functional requirement
Planned maintenance
Quality of service
Recovery point objective
Recovery time objective
Reliability engineering
Reliability, availability and serviceability (computer hardware)
Resilience (network)
Single point of failure
Architecture Patterns
Black box
Centralized computing
Computer cluster
Decentralized computing
Distributed computing
Fault-tolerant system
High availability
Load balancing (computing)
Multitier architecture
Network topology
Non-RAID drive architectures
Redundancy (engineering)
Replication (computing)
Self-healing ring
Teleportation (virtualization)
Design Patterns
Bus network
Campus network
Client–server model
Cloud computing
Clustered file system
Compile farm
Direct-attached storage
DMZ (computing)
Fencing (computing)
File area network
Green computing
Grid computing
High-availability cluster
Heartbeat (computing)
Heartbeat network
Local area network
Mesh networking
Metropolitan area network
Network-attached storage
Non-standard RAID levels
Parallel computing
Private network
Render farm
Server farm
Seven tiers of disaster recovery
Single system image
Snapshot (computer storage)
Ring network
Storage area network
Storage virtualization
Token bus network
Token ring
Tree structure
Virtual LAN
Virtual network
Virtual private network
Virtual tape library
Wide area network
Wireless LAN