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I've been here for 9 years, 11 months and 27 days, and I don't edit much. Mostly roll back vandalism and help maintain impartiality. Add in sections where material is lacking. Save some stubs. Not a very big and flashy person.

Editing without a reference in hand is bad form. Please reference everything.[1]

This page still cracks me up. This page is actually very interesting. This page is required reading.


I mostly go by this username online - you can find more about me on

About Me[edit]

I currently attend Emerson College ('20) in Boston, studying the Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE). I'm classically trained in voice (Tenor) (and toured with that voice!) and very involved in music and the arts in my area. I also play way more instruments than I can count, and you can check on the mostly-updated list of those here.

Other Contributions[edit]

I continue to explore and work on other wikis: you can sometimes find me on Wikiquote, Simple English Wikipedia, and more.

I try my best to do my best, but I am a very timid editor. I need to do more and be bold, but I'm still working on that. Don't hold that against me.

  1. ^ When editing on Wikipedia, strive to follow the five pillars (in this case, the green one). Don't forget, though, there are no rules.