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I am a web programmer from the Denver, CO metro area. My current profession is in the development of Real Estate web based products. I am currently involved in many Opensource projects as well to hopefully help the community that has helped me.

Current Projects & Websites[edit]

Here is a brief list of the websites and projects that I am currently involved in.[edit]

This is my official site. was original started as a central location for all my friends and family to come to a view pictures of there lives together. It has since evolved to be more then that. It had a landmark time for the first couple of weeks of the release of Everquest 2. When it became one of the top 5 results for Everquest 2 screenshots. It achieved this as NerdyNick with his character Amaya on the Oasis server became one of the top rated characters on that server for the Fury class. Also during that time there were more screenshots of new areas being taken and published on then any other website at the time. This fame as since vanished as I quit Everquest 2 on the grounds that at the time there was very little replay capabilities and group activities.[edit] is an up and coming website dedicated to video game reviews. It aims to bring new ideas to the video game review market. It aims to do this by implementing a whole review scheme where not only do those in charge of the site post there reviews but the whole world has the ability to post theirs. There will also be the implementation where games will be reviewed on there individual level break downs. i.e. Online play, Campaign play, and the over all game experiance. Many people agree that this will give those looking to by the game a better perspective on what they are getting there hands into. - Blog[edit]

This would be the official blog to It contains news about the website and the video game industries as well as the rants and raves from CodecZer0 and Shipero. This is the basic frame work behind the website.

The Programmers Dictionary[edit]

This is one of the newest projects of mine. The purpose of this site is to provide a central location for programmers to learn terms that are commonly used in the programming world.


Nickipedia is a website dedicated to the better understanding of English slang as well as a cross reference for different names and terms that everyday people use on a regular bases. Its hopes are to help out people understand the different terms people use from all around the united states.


JSColorPallet is a free Opensource module for anyway website coded in any Server-side script. It allows the average use to embed on there website a color pallet for retrieving the color value code for a selected color. It is currently in the beginning stages of its live cycle. There is currently one release out for the bases of starting the project. There is soon to many new features and many possibilities of usage to be implemented in the next release.


WebDE is a start up Opensource project that is coded in Php/Javascript/Xml/Xslt/Xsl/Css. Its aim is to provide a complete Opensource IDE that requires no installation of software on each development PC.

The current aim for the first primary release of WebDE is to provided a web based Development Environment that allows web developers the ability to work on a project together and not run into the many problems that web developers run into. Like overriding of files, accessing there files from remote systems that don't already have the software they need to edit a website installed. It will contain resources for programming in core languages that the system is built from (Php/Javascript/Xml/Xslt/Xsl/Css).

Colorado LoCo Team[edit]

This is a growing group of people from Colorado to help support the growth of Opensource and Ubuntu Linux in primarily Colorado as well as any other place that the team travels.


  • NerdyNick
  • Jazee'
  • Amaya
  • CodecZer0

Colorado LoCo Team
The Programmers Dictionary - Blog