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Greetings ... my name is J. Leslie Booth - known to most, simply as: Les Booth. I am a Creative Information Architect. I create information for distribution online and off-line, by whatever media is best suited.

I am, and have been, a writer, illustrator, designer, photographer and videographer for the last 35 years.

A native Hoosier, I grew up in Indiana; 19th state of the United States of America. I have lived in

  • North Carolina (Brevard),
  • California (Pasadena)
  • Kentucky (Lexington)
  • Indiana (West Lafayette).

I grew up on a small farm in Warren County, on the banks of Big Pine Creek; 1 mile east of the small, unincorporated community of Carbondale; sitting right off the east shoulder of US Hwy. 41. The nearest town of size is Williamsport; county seat and location of the highest waterfall in the State of Indiana: Williamsport Falls on the Fall Creek; a plummet of 90 vertical feet.

My current home town is West Lafayette, IN; the home of Purdue University, my former employer and my alma mater.

The username: net500cg, comes from the name of my company: NET500.CG. NET500.CG is an umbrella company for my many online and offline entrepreneurial projects.

My Contact Information:

  • eMail:
  • Skype; net500cg
  • Facebook: jlesliebooth
  • Twitter: beyonddaripples
  • Pinterest: beyonddaripples
  • URLs:
Les Booth