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User:Nettrom at Wikimania 2013, photo by Daniel Schwen, CC-BY-SA

I have a PhD in computer science from GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota. My research is focused on the production and consumption of quality content in peer production communities, communities like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap. As part of that research I helped develop the article quality model that's used in ORES, which allows you to get fairly accurate predictions of article quality. I also run SuggestBot, a bot that will send you suggestions of articles you might like to edit, and they're all articles in need of improvement.

In my spare time I like to play guitar and squash.

Research publications[edit]

Peer-reviewed papers about Wikipedia:

  • Warncke-Wang, M., Ranjan, V., Terveen, L., and Hecht, B. "Misalignment Between Supply and Demand of Quality Content in Peer Production Communities", ICWSM 2015. pdf See also: Signpost/Research Newsletter coverage
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  • Warncke-Wang, M., Cosley, D., and Riedl, J. "Tell Me More: An Actionable Quality Model for Wikipedia", WikiSym, 2013. pdf
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