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en This user is a native speaker of English.
la-2 Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
ja-0 この利用者は日本語わかりません
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UTC-5 This user's time zone is UTC-5.
Uncyclopedia.png This user is a proud contributor to Uncyclopedia.
LimeWire.png This user uses LimeWire.
BT001.svg This user uses BitTorrent.
BB This user contributes using a broadband connection.
Eagle Nebula
This user is interested in astronomy.
~_~ This user is a definite fan of anime.
^^ This user is a moderate fan of manga.
This user loves Hina.
もののけ 姫 This user must learn to see with eyes unclouded by hate.
Haruhiism This user's main philosophy is Haruhiism.
George Orwell press photo.jpg This user enjoys the works of George Orwell.
Video-x-generic.svg This user enjoys films.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is a Monty Python fan.
American.b777.rearview.arp.750pix.jpg "Surely this user can't be serious?"
2001: A Space Odyssey This user thinks 2001: A Space Odyssey is the best science fiction film of all time.
STAR WARS This user is a true Star Wars fan, and as one, doesn't have any problem with comparing the films to each other.
TCR This user wants you to know that you're on notice.

Yeah. This is my userpage. Be in awe!