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In the book "The Brothers Coen: Unique Characters of Violence", author Ryan P. Doom describes Walter as being perhaps the "most disturbed and deepest" character in The Big Lebowski. He describes him as emotionally unstable, yet protective and loyal. He also describes him as being unable to let go of Vietnam, which he frequently brings up in situations that are not relevant to Vietnam. He also likens Walter to John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' assistant, in how he assists fellow The Big Lebowski character Jeffrey Lebowski in his quest, though adding that he lacks the positive results Watson provides for Holmes. In spite of the fact that Jeffrey is a pacifist and Walter is a Vietnam veteran, they maintain what the author describes as an "ironic friendship", citing how Walter frequently creates trouble and Jeffrey always forgives him, treating his acts as mere annoyances. He adds that if Jeffrey and Walter represent a dysfunctional duo, Walter is the "classic vulgar family member", creating trouble whereever he goes. However, this trouble never bothers him, only those around him, most notably Jeffrey; Walter is also the one who moved the story forward and got Jeffrey to go get reimbursement for his rug. [1]