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about me[edit]

I am working in the medical sciences. I have many interests.

my relation to Wikipedia[edit]

I used to be a fan of Wikipedia: Free information, especially a free encyclopedia, is good. However, often (usually regarding politics and social issues) they are merely a sounding board for misguided editors (e.g. using word manipulation to further a political agenda), and so it does not seem to me a good use of free time to build up this article database. Even so, I sometimes come here when I can't readily find a better website for information (it is a useful source on occasion for finding references to more authoritative sources), and I often edit grammar and minor content, or remove broken hyperlinks, i.e., minor touchups that don't require much time, because I do still like the idea of Wikipedia, even if its implementation is flawed.

about my username[edit]

'newagelink' I came up with in the early 2000's; at the time my favorite video games were the Legend of Zelda series, and I entertained ideas of Link in this day and age; modern Link, 'new age' Link. (I was also then a fan of the soothing tones of New Age music, e.g. Enya.) I saw some artwork on AOL that was very similar to what one may find in the video game Twilight Princess, which I haven't played.