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I am a 40-something New Zealander who has spent most of his adult life reading, writing and teaching.

In 1995 I graduated from university with a BA in English Literature and Political Science (double-major). I then completed a journalism qualification and worked as a journalist / news reporter for eight years on major daily newspapers in New Zealand (mostly at the NZ Herald), including a stint as chief reporter in charge of 11 journalists at a regional newspaper. I had around 2000 stories published while I was a journalist, including two that made the front pages of Newsweek (written by one of their own staff, based on my original story) and the Sydney Morning Herald (under my own name).

I later completed an MA in Applied Linguistics and a Cambridge University CELTA so that I could travel the world teaching English.

I have taught English communication/grammar in South Korea, Turkey, Hungary and Malaysia. I am currently training and mentoring English teachers in Malaysia.

In 2014, I published my first novella. I expect to publish my first novel by the end of 2015.

My interests include reading, writing, film, photography, travel, hiking and chess (elo over 2000 - I won a couple of tournaments in South Korea).

I rarely edit wikipedia, but do take a special interest in articles relating to current events and to New Zealand history. As a grammar snob, I sometimes find myself editing articles just to tidy up the language.