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E-Mail Contact Nforystek

Voicemail & text message cell phone number: 952-457-9224

(Non personal caller ID may not warrent immediate response)

Nicholas Randall Forystek[edit]

(Formal "Nicholas" : Short "Nick" : Middle "Randall" : Last "Forystek")

(Nickname "Nickels" : Alias "ChromE" : Codename "Jest" : Gifts "Ni")

Born December 17, 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota lives in Mound, MN.

Internet Links[edit] / - My own maintained project.

SoSweet, a grammar coloring concept language project. - posts of mine.

Nickels - My PSCode user before their big site crash.

SketchUp - Google SketchUp models by user SoSouiX.

LEGO - Search for SoSouiX to see my L.D.D. uploads!

Jestine, and Lylue are my World of Warcraft avatars.

Listen to rap music by me under my artist name ChromE.

Tweet to my Twitter account and post your best 0 for 2!

Made up Word of the Day[edit]

Tappeingah - 1. pronoun. Pronunciation key (Ta-`peign ~gaw) Definition: The name

of special operations individual martial capable of cunning panther like agility silence.


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