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Season 1: 2009[edit]

# Title Verdict Airdate Prod. code
1 "Lincoln Heights Jail" Haunted June 17, 2009 101
The group investigates the Lincoln Heights Jail, said to be haunted by the ghosts of tortured inmates. While investigating, they recorded a ghostly voice, a chair appearing in a hallway with drag marks towards it, then reappear in another room, an orb, and a glowing figure passing quickly through a camera. In the end, they concluded the jail to be haunted.
2 "Queen Mary" Haunted June 24, 2009 107
The Othersiders explore the RMS Queen Mary, a boat notorious for its paranormal activity. They find evidence that the engine turns on by itself even though it does not work, they heard Jackie (a little girl's ghost) singing Ring Around The Rosie, Riley whispered to the ghost " Give us a sign that you are here" and heard a ghost say "Get Out", and apparently hear the marbles moving from Jackie playing with them. They conclude the RMS Queen Mary to be haunted.
3 "Mojave Airport Boneyard: Airplane Graveyard" Not Haunted July 1, 2009 103
The Othersiders visit a desert junkyard for worn-out planes full of planes that have being used in the Vietnam War and destroyed passenger planes. While there, one of the Vietnam planes banged twice and a heavy side door creaked open while Riley was doing some call and response, though they thought it was the wind pushing on the door. Also, they got a picture of a semi translucent man on the back of a destroyed passenger plane, Zack and KC heard another bang and saw a flashing light outside the cockpit, so they took some pictures. When Riley went back to the Vietnam plane to check out the camera he had previously set there, something knocked it over. Overall, the team, declared it not haunted, although on their website, on the voting section people voted it as haunted.
4 "Morey Mansion" Haunted July 8, 2009 104
The Team investigates a Mansion that has been converted into a Victorian Inn. Named "The Morey Mansion" after it's owners David and Sarah Morey, who both died within it's walls, the team finds many leads. First, a fan began to move on it's own, and there is no electricity in this Mansion. Riley shuts and locks a small door to check it out. But when he returned, the door had unlocked itself and re-opened. Later, Jackie goes to the Billiards room, where she begins to feel claustrophobic, and an orb is caught on the video camera. Later on the stairway, they find a hotspot. But it is on the railing, and it isn't hot to the touch. And, strangest of all, the initials SM appear on the mirror, which they believe to symbolize Sarah Morey. Overall, They declare the Mansion haunted.
5 "Fort MacArthur" TBA July 15, 2009 TBA
The team investigates reports of paranormal activity at former U.S. Army base Fort MacArthur.
6 "Marine Warehouse" TBA July 22, 2009 TBA
The team explores the six-story Marine Warehouse once used by the U.S. Navy.
7 "Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility" TBA July 29, 2009 TBA