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My name is Nicco Mele, and I live outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I started actively editing on Wikipedia as part of the Wikimedia Foundation's Public Policy Initiative, a project aimed at finding better ways to recruit experts and students to help improve Wikipedia content. I am adjunct faculty at the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy where I teach a class on digital literacy.

My career spans politics and technology. From April 2003 to March 2004, I was the webmaster for Governor Howard Dean's 2004 presidential race. [1] In March of 2004, I co-founded EchoDitto, a service consulting company devoted to online community and open-source web development. [2] In the Fall of 2008, I was a Fellow at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. [3] In the Spring of 2009, I was named the Spring 2009 Visiting Edward R. Murrow Distinguished Lecturer at the Harvard Shorenstein Center for the study of Press, Politics and Public Policy.[4] I am also the co-founder of, an online crowd-sourcing service for creative projects as well as the non-profit, an online resource for proxy voting and shareholder resolutions.

I can be found on: