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Nothing important, just a minor little pet peeve of mine: my handle started as just "Daedalus" with no last name, but in the rare occasion that there is already a "Daedalus" then I go by my full handle "Nicholai Daedalus" (a sort of pun as it roughly equates to mean "Pure Genius").

The more Greek-knowledgable of you might notice that my signature (Δαίδαλος, or "Daidalos") and handle don't match. This is intended. "Daedalus" is currently the most recognized form of the mythological inventor's name, my signature is a reference to the original greek version of his name.

I prefer to be called "Δαίδαλος" or "Daedalus" rather than "Nicholai."

My Work in Wikipedia[edit]

I've lurked in Wikipedia for a long time, but it took Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Darken to get me to start editing and contributing to the Wiki. I am currently focusing intently on the Final Fantasy articles.

It is unfortunate to note that many of my edits are done during breaks in work, and my work has now instituted an internet block that blocks gaming sites. This includes most sites used for referencing and researching Final Fantasy games, so my capacity as an editor is severely crippled. Yet even though much of my contributions have been forcefully reduced to little more than patrolling and mop-work (unless at home on those rare weekends that I can find time), I am still intent on contributing however I can.

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