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I live in south-east London. Innit. I joined Wikipedia in August 2004. If you think it's important - BSc(Earth Scientist), MSc (palynology), MA (LIS), shelved Quaternary Science (varves and things) PhD. Wage slavery of choice = librarian.

Wikipedia good[edit]

Wikipedia bad[edit]

  • Anyone can edit.
  • Relying on 'Google' to assess article notability. How stupid is this?
  • Know-it-alls. Not everything you don't.
  • Trying to keep the LARC article sane. Help!

Articles started;

AOS3 Back To The Planet Culture Shock (band) Dark Star (band) Gerard De Geer Kitchens Of Distinction Incremental dating Levitation Radical Dance Faction Varve

Contributed to;

Brockley Cardiacs Castlerigg stone circle Charles Sorley Coral Crucial Three The Cure Cyclone Mahina Dreadzone Editors Facies geochronology The God Machine Guerrilla gardening Ladywell Linnaean taxonomy List of librarians London Action Resource Centre The Megalithic European micropaleontology Middlesex Murray Bookchin New Cross Newbury bypass palynology paleontology Parliament Square Piltdown Man River Effra River Quaggy River Ravensbourne Silvery Marmoset taphonomy Terry Bickers Walbrook War poet Younger Dryas

Must contribute to;

reclaim the streets

Original Images[edit]

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