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About Me[edit]

I live in Belsize Park, London, UK. All my contributions are unpaid.

I'm a Cybernetician, FCybS, and member of the Council. See

I have contributed to the Wiki Compunet page about the on-line system I designed and founded (based on Stafford Beer's VSM- recursive organization, lifetime or viablity for each page and algedonic feedback, a numerical (0-9) eudemony for users to estimate quality) and the entry on Gordon Pask with whom I studied and worked. Recent other entries include New Cybernetics, Variety (cybernetics), No Doppelgangers, Good Regulator with contributions to Self-organization in cybernetics, Alfred Wallace, William Ross Ashby, Viable System Model, Second-order cybernetics, Synergetics, Tensegrity, Cybernetics etc.

Last greatest hack was my software for pilot training and controlling a fuel calorimeter running in Richard Branson's balloon. I am researching Gordon Pask's unpublished work on process. See on the forces of self-organizing processes aka Interactions of Actors Theory. I continue application work with Stafford Beer's Viable System Model currently on web eJustice at - but now on the back burner in favour of an Open Source project on Beer's VSM- although the central algorithm, "If you encounter undecidability, raise the metalanguage", applies to both projects.

Recent websites developed include on Beer and for the Patient and Public Involvement Organisation focusing on risk reduction in NHS.

I have a consulting website at

The Open Software Alerting database project is an approach to Viable System Model personal and corporate management package for use on computers and mobile phones.

Latest: initiated article on United Kingdom budget- surprised no one has already. Typically cybernetic approach offered links to UK productivity (drives any country budget) and improved real-time reporting. Beer's VSM again! It'll be interesting to see the responses of existing experts.

Added sections on performance and metalanguage for VSM. Feedback at last. Have roughed at a general scenario of VSM operation. Trying with metaphorum group.

Put an entry in Refractive index on the momentum paradox. Rare for physics to obviously fall flat on its face! I wonder if some of the problems of the Interpretation of quantum mechanics might be resolved if this problem were solved- experiments should be easy- but am I missing something? Like animal language- it should be easy- this is turning into a blog. Just been reading Robert Laughlin "A different Universe"- he's very critical of secrecy in science and engineering and particular of proteomics methodology- must read it from the beginning!

CYBCOM has been discussing Ashby's Law of Experience- in a system variety diminishes with time- reminds me of his idea of cylindrance. Maybe another article required. Pask and Beer took it up- Stafford with his "Paradigm of logical search" and Pask partitioned sets of relations. Seems close to Quicksort vs. Bubble sort and the kd-tree algorithm for choosing on multiple keys- reducing an N search space to a log(N) search space.

Just added a See also to the article on Cloud feedback for Cloud albedo, Cloud condensation nuclei and Bergeron process which is another key to climate temperature control. Now if someone would do an article on aerobacter aerogenes, thought to be helpful in cloud formation (p5) we might get nearer to understanding cloud feedback. More trees seem to be needed. Dimethyl sulphide may not be enough.

You can email me at